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What are the PH concerns Dave has. I know after eating a pound of beef a day and coffee every morning, with dark chocolate have increased my acidity substantially.

Do you guys eat to balance body PH at all?



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    Bulletproof intern, your response made me do a little more digging as you know I'm a believer in keeping acid-forming and alkaline forming foods balanced :D .

    Check out this article:

    So it seems you're right that our bodies tend to keep our Ph level fairly constant however the foods we eat will create an acid-forming effect or alkaline forming effect that will cause other systems (like our Buffer systems) or processes in our bodies to ramp up or down which can have positive or negative effects on our health.

    My take on the acid/alkaline topic is this. Regardless of whether foods change your blood Ph or not, it's probably a very good idea to include a fairly substantial amount of alkaline forming foods in your diet.

    Going to any extreme is probably not wise and since many foods in general have been shown to be acid forming in the body (beef, butter, coffee, fish, nuts etc.) it makes sense (to me at least) to try to balance that out with alkaline forming foods as much as possible. I personally get some indigestion and don't feel my best if I eat too many acid-forming foods.

    Brian my recommendation would be to do your own research and then test out different foods and see what foods, amounts etc work best for you since we're not all the same and a variety of factors (not just diet) can affect what happens in our bodies.

    Bulletproof intern what do you think?

  • Hey there..!! Nice stuff..!! Thank you for sharing it with us.
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    I have not checked my PH in awhile, however, after I made this post, I added Lime to all my water and had lots of alkaline forming foods, the big difference was that I changed my protein from beef to almonds for a few days and had other non-meat protein for a few days. I felt much better and then went back to a meat heavy diet shortly after. Whatever I had that was plaguing me, I purged by consuming very high alkaline forming foods.
  • Awesome! That's great news Brian. I am a big believer in eating high alkaline foods. I always feel better when I eat highly alkaline foods.

    Plus I think eating high alkaline foods just makes a lot of sense.

    Here are a few articles I wrote on the topic:

    1) What is pH Balance?

    2) What Foods Are Alkaline?

    3) 2 Diet Hacks I Use To Alkalize Every Day ... -every-day

    Glad you are feeling better!
  • I am really happy there is a pH post within the Bulletproof forums. I thought about this today during a hot yoga class where I was sweating much more than I typically do. I am new to the bulletproof diet (formerly vegan) and have only recently, within the last 12 days introduced organic almost 100% grass-fed butter, pasture eggs, and yesterday was my first grass-fed steak meal (which was heaven on Earth). Sorry, I am ranting; today I had bulletproof coffee for breakfast and practiced about an hour after the coffee. I was sweating more than usual (not much much more, just noticeably more). Also, before I began the bulletproof diet I liked to fast once a week; I did this because of digestive problems, which the butter within the bulletproof diet seems to have fixed. I noticed that practicing hot yoga after an 18, 24, or 48 hour fast my body would sweat a lot less and took about 30 minutes to even begin to notice sweating. This alarmed me at first and I told myself after researching some that it was because I was more alkaline. I believe that when we are too acidic the body holds on to more water to dilute the acidity (this being one of the pH balancing mechanisms?)


    Sorry if I am rambling, I am new to forums. 


    After todays practice I quickly came home and downed 2 litres of filtered water; juice of half a lemon in one and 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in the other, both with some himalayan pink salt. My body soaked it up very quickly. I had an edge of a headache approaching which disappeared and it also created a system flush (bowel movement), and the slight redness and itch in my eyes disappeared.


    I really don't know if this is pH related, but I approached these methods with an intention to balance pH. The water with lemon or apple cider vinegar is also a detox method. I am going to try this in the evening 2 hours before bed and then take some MCT oil, glutathione, selenium, and activated charcoal right before bed with the purpose of staying hydrated throughout sleep. I typically wake up with dry nasal passage and very red eyes; I am guessing because of eating chocolate and butter before bed :P


    Thank you for the posts everyone



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