Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Insomnia



I would like to try a pair of these amber sunglasses but it would seem to be very difficult to find anywhere that sells them, apart from Amazon at £59.99. 


Can anyone, in UK, suggest anywhere to get some less expensive that still work, please?


Can anyone confirm that they have had good experiences with this issue with these sunglasses.


I should add that I wear specs all the time, so I need to be able to put sunglasses over them.


Also, as I am often up to the loo (bathroom) during the night, so have a night light on the landing, can I just put the sunglasses on to go there or will this night light (white) have negative effects. 


Also, I have LED clock, necessary to see the time, which is seemingly a bit of a no-no too so is there an alarm clock that is easily seen without having to press buttons etc, that would be better?


Thanks.  I really appreciate any help, advice or suggestions.  Oh, it would be wonderful to be able to sleep even 3-4 hours a night predictably!!!!


Looking forward to, hopefully, hearing from you




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