How Do I Prepare My Body For Alcohol?

Let me preface my question with a story.  Two weeks ago, my girlfriend and I went to her parents' place for "cocktails."  After 2 drinks, I was hammered -- this is very unusual for me.  After some research, I found that eating low-carb and/or being in ketosis fucks you up pretty fast, and this was the most drunk I've ever been in my life.  After 2 drinks!  I took B vitamins beforehand and activated charcoal afterwards, so I avoided most of the hangover symptoms the next day.


Armed with this knowledge, I felt that I must be doing something right for this to be happening.  Plus, I'm now a much cheaper date!  


Now I have a graduation party coming up, and I'm probably going to have a drink with my classmates.  What do I have to do (other than the obvious answer of "don't drink") to avoid having this happen?  How do I prepare myself for the alcohol?

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    I read about alcohol on here and saw the infographic before that night.  That's what prevented me from feeling sick the next day.  I had eaten prior to the last incident, and it didn't seem to help, or at least it didn't help enough.  Do I need to eat more carbs?  Should I start the day before?

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    Its hard to say really.  I think the best advice is to experiment on yourself to figure out what works for your body.

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    Have a drink or two every couple of nights leading up to it. Unsure of the mechanism, but it's worked for me. I remember the first night going out for a drink after I first became BP and I got LEGLESS in the middle of Sydney. It was just mean and a mate having a chat and a few drinks - he remarked that he'd never seen me so fucked up before.

    However, I drink regularly again (which stymies weight loss etc, so be careful) and now I've got some tolerance back under my belt.

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    There were valuable contributions in comments under the infographic (especially from S Fowkes)


    I don't know if the comments are still there cause the sh*tty discqus system won't load for me. 

  • I'd guess the odds of that (two drinks and you are ripped) happening again are low.  Even lower now that you will be aware of what happened last time vs. it sneaking up and surprising you.  I drink WAY too much, so my tolerance is through the roof.  I've been a drinker since the age of 18 and have probably averaged three 1.75l bottles of vodka or tequila per week for the past 12 years.  Making the switch to cannabis for me was a conscious decision that should potentially save quite a few years.  That said there are still times I still drink like a fish.  Hell, I just went over a friends house for a fantasy baseball auction and poker game (so it was a long night) a couple weeks back and was the only one drinking Coors (vs. all of the other beers they had there) and I believe I crushed 31 or 32 cans that night.  Even with all of that tolerance built up...there are days when the very first inch or two of the first cocktail gets me feeling great (slightly buzzed) when other times it can take three full cocktails to get to the point where I feel any difference at all.  It could very well be that this diet turns you into a cheaper date, but my guess is the "stars were aligned chemically" to trigger such a response to alcohol.  I'd second the "eat a lot that day" recommendation, as NOT doing that is the only surefire way to almost guarantee getting too drunk.

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    In experimenting with food intake, I concluded that eating prior to drinking isn't enough to keep this from happening.  The food in my belly doesn't do enough to slow absorption to make that big of a difference.  Basically, I have to get well out of ketosis by eating a bunch of carbs the day BEFORE the drinking.  The actual day of drinking, I have my BP coffee and fatty lunch as normal, then pig out prior to drinking.  I did this for the party, still ate relatively BP at the party (steak kebabs, bacon-wrapped scallops, crab dip, etc.) and had 8 drinks in 3 hours without feeling a thing.  Kinda defeats the purpose of drinking, but at least I could toast with my classmates without embarrassing myself ^_^

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  • I've heard that eating eggs, along with some high fat meat, before and after drinking can diminish some of the hangover effects and slow the body's uptake of the alcohol. 


    Not sure if this is actually supported scientifically, though.



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  • All I know is when I'm eating really clean for a while, and doing IF, one beer and I can feel it, two and it's almost drunk. Sometimes WHILE I'm drinking I start to feel hungover. Headache starts to creep up and start feeling crappy...

  • Mangosteen supplement has worked wel for me in the past.  So well, in fact, that if I took it while drinking it would take away a buzz.  I have experienced the same thing as you have.  Some days can have a drink or two and feel fine and others I feel like I drank way too much.

  • I've found that taking dihydromyricetin after my last drinks almost entirely eliminates any hangovers the next day.

  • I have noticed this as well. This weekend I went camping and had a two drinks (after not drinking really for quite some time) and I really felt it. I took NAC and charcoal prior to starting and took charcoal during. I woke up feeling pretty good in the morning. A little dehydrated but nothing too bad. Over the past couple years (prior to re-loading supplements and following the BP diet) I would get horrible hang overs if I were to drink. 

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