Thoughts On Ionizers?

Having read "The Intention Experiment," from a bullet-proof reading list, I wondered if there would be any value in having a device that generated negatively charged ions. Doing so might re-create the air-quality effects of the "great outdoors" or waterfalls, storm conditions, etc.

So I shopped and purchased this device. I've just started using it in my office this last week. Nothing to report yet.

All the same, I'm wondering what others think of such devices.

The research I did suggested that all such ionizing devices produce ozone (aka "activated oxygen"), which is a bad thing even if the vendor tries to sell ozone-production as a feature. I'm wondering if the quantity of ozone produced depends on the purpose of the device. Said differently, if the device is designed to produce ozone - I'm sure it (unfortunately) does a good job of it. However, if the device is advertised only for the purposes of producing negative ions - perhaps that means that a lesser quantity of ozone is produced.



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