L-Glutamine - How Do You Take It?

Hi, I am starting the Rapid Fat Loss program and I am wondering how one takes L-Glutamine? I have been putting it in plain water but it doesn't disolve very well. The taste isn't too great either. Does anyone have any suggestions?



  • Do you take a pre-workout drink or do you drink something flavored?

    For the former idea, break the capsule open, mix it into a pre-workout drink or even something like sparkling water. I like it pre-workout because it provides energy, aids in protein synthesis and improves blood flow. If I don't use BCAA's, I like it in combination with L-Carnitine and Leucine.
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  • I got the straight up stuff with no flavorings. Pretty nasty in plain water. I do take BCAA's too as part of the protocol. I take them straight up too in water with no flavorings. I don't have quite as hard a time with that. Plus it mixes much better. The glutamine doesn't stay suspended very well at all. I have to keep mixing it.
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