Need A Good Mct Oil Mayonnaise Recipe

I want to make my own mayonnaise from MCT oil. Found one on youtube that didn't list quantities of lemon/vinegar/salt and messed it up a little by guessing.



  • This might help, from the Q&A portion of the Podcast Transcript #8: Quantifying Recovery With RestWise on page 10.
  • I'll second that recommendation. It gives a good texture and something about it is really more-ish

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  • I've read that before and can't figure out if Dave is against making mayo with olive on general principal or if he just thinks it tastes nasty. I make mine with olive oil and like it. Don't eat a whole lot of it, though.
  • I like using MCT and Macadamia nut oil. Also MCT and Coconut. . .just melt the Coconut Oil, pour in the non heated give it a few and it's a room temp.

    2 egg yolks, splash of ACV, 2-3 garlic cloves, squirt of mustard , salt, paprika

    blend/process till garlic is incorporated.

    Next step, Pour in 3/4-1 cup of oils. start with DROPS - slllloooooowly pour oil in. It takes way longer than one would think- but you will hit the sweet spot and it suddenly is a thick creamy thing.
    Cavemam in Colorado
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