What's Going On Here? Bp No Weight Loss.

I'm sure back story on my diet history will help quite a bit in my search for answers so here we go:

I am male, currently 22, 5'9 1/2" 239 pounds.

From birth till about 18 I ate whatever I felt like, I was fairly depressed from 8-16 or 17 due to some pretty lousy stuff happening (mostly living in slums, with mold, rats, slugs, etc.) So, my vice was binge eating, which I figured out was caused by psychological damage from losing our family home to foreclosure and almost ending up homeless (and hungry!) So, at 13 years old I weighed about 190, 15-16 I was up to 250 or so and at 18-19 I ballooned up to 310 or so. During all of this I was an avid martial artist and also did weight training, so it wasn't all fat- but most of it was.

From then on, I tried calorie counting which was incredibly hard and only partially successful, calorie counting (limited to 1600-1800/day or so.) along with exercising for 1-2 hours/day at the gym 5 days a week - cardio+weight training eventually took off about 60 pounds. At around 250 pounds, I realized something is wrong, the math didn't add up (I should have lost 75-90 pounds!) so I did research and found out I've been eating way too many carbs and especially a lot of the wrong kinds of carbs (whole wheat bread, anyone?)

So at that point, I cut out all starches- my diet was mainly veggies, cheese, meat and some fruit. That worked for a while, lost about another 20 pounds, gained 9 back and here I am.

So I got into bulletproof around 3-4 weeks ago, I was doing my own version of intermitten fasting which was likely a bad idea (this was before I read about the BP IF) I would stop eating around 9-10PM and would not eat for 36 hours or so but I only did this 3-4 times.

About 10 days ago I received my 3/4 pound of upgraded coffee, started doing BP intermitten fasting. It was successful for a few days, lost a few pounds... Gained them back and now I'm stuck at 238.4-239.2 (it's driving me crazy!)

So I eat daily from 2-8PM, my diet consists mainly of the following:

Wild smoked salmon, Grass fed Chuck and Burgers, Soft boiled eggs, Bacon (no nitrites or nitrates), BP veggies, almost no fruit and no dairy, Occasionally some sweet potato my girlfriend cooks... Also have been taking creatine and recently purchased most of the vitamins on the bulletproof list (haven't received them in the mail yet.

So... what the heck? Why is my adipose so stubborn? I'm considering going on the bulletproof fast plan to just drop my last 39 pounds and be done with it!


  • Are you taking any medication? That can mess you up. I am similar body style to you and I have been losing weight consistently when I am eating the way you are. I only gained back any serious weight when I had to go on some prescription meds for a short period of time.
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    No, I don't take any meds. I've always been kind of stupid healthy- very quick to recover, very high energy, no medical conditions whatsoever and very good stats (cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.) I'm very very healthy, just fat! Thanks for the response, any other ideas? image/icon_e_confused.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':???:' />

    --- Forgot to add, I eat probably half a bar of dark chocolate every day, equivalent to lindt with 1 gram less sugar/serving. 85%.
  • There is so many reasons why you could be stuck. How is your sleep? Cortisol is a big player. What sort of cardio/weight training are you currently doing?
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    I sleep like a baby, usually around 8-10 hours. Not doing any cardio, just walking a couple times a week. No weight training aside from daily pushups and sit ups/crunches.

    Edit: Woke up today at 238.2, .2 pounds under the plateau... Maybe the diet is kicking in...
  • Aaand back to 239... Anyone have an answer? This is getting frustrating.
  • When do you do your pushups/situps and how many?

    You probably need some blood / saliva tests to dig deeper.
  • Not many, maybe 20-30 push ups a day, two reps of 10-20 each... Evening...

    Sits up probably 50-100/day depending on my mood.

    I don't have health insurance and I'm too cheap to pay a doctor for blood work, I guess I'll just keep eating and see what happens?
  • Sorry I have really not been of much help. Maybe you should ditch the IM for now and try spreading your meals out.

    Check out the Leptin Reset by Jack Kruse:

  • I don't think I'm leptin resistent, the only symtom I have is that I'm overweight. I don't crave carbs or have a large apetite.. Maybe it's just a really long term plateau.. I've been between 235-245 for the past 6 months, no budging. Thanks for the responses!
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    Have you been taking any measurements since you went on the diet? It could be possible that are still losing fat. I've been steady at the same weight for about a week now but I've already dropped an inch around my waist and I'm down to the next notch on my belt. And I feel much stronger even though I'm only doing very light walking in the evenings. I quit using the scale since it's deceiving me. I'm going purely by waist measurements how I look in the mirror from now on.
  • No change in measurements either, at least not significant- maybe a 1/2-1" fluctuation but that's mostly throughout the day. I'm already very muscular from my past weight training and martial arts, I actually kind of hope my body isn't producing much more muscle, I seem to put on muscle and retain it a bit too easily. My issue is losing fat which isn't happening image/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' /> I may quit using the scale as well, or at least start weighing myself bi-monthly rather than daily.

    Thanks for the response! I'll keep a closer eye on measurements and I am a bit of a narcissist so I won't have a problem with the mirror. Haha.

  • I don't think I'm leptin resistent, the only symtom I have is that I'm overweight.

    Funnily enough Jack Kruse says you can tell if someone is Leptin resistant just by looking at them. I personally think it would be a solid eating plan for 6-8 weeks to see if you have any changes.
  • Hm, well it seems the only big difference is to skip the intermitten fasting, that;s the only thing I do he recommends against by saying you should have breakfast.
  • Im a totally different history but have the same problem. Its been about 3 months and feel amazingly better but no weight loss yet. I just did a protocol using supplements and reduced (tried to eliminate but of course fell of the wagon a few times ex. wine) all sugars to try to kill off molds, fungus, and harmful bacteria that may be in my gut. Now I am taking L-glutathione and probiotics with caprylic acid to try to re-establish a proper bacterial ground. I really don't know if what I am doing makes any sense but I figured there must be some gut problems, maybe leaky gut and very likely a candida overgrowth... You could consider something of the sort for yourself as well. I used Douglas Labs MFP as my mold, fungus, parasite "killer".. again I am experimenting on myself so who knows if it will work but it's been about 4 days re-establishing my gut so Ill keep you posted on how it goes!
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    you could try removing one item from you diet for a week like the chocolate bar and see if that makes a difference, if it doesn't then add it back and remove something else like the salmon. Log what you eat and track how you feel and look, and if you want, keep weighing yourself and log that too. You also said you got your BP coffee in, are you using the butter and mct oil?

    I weigh myself everyday and chart it, it looks like a large tooth saw blade, if something spikes my weight I think back to what I ate different and I add it to a list of stuff I don't eat anymore. I know if I eat a sweet potato I will gain 3lbs on the scale the next morning but it is gone the next day. I like sweet potatoes so I only have them once every other week or so.
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