Mri Scan- Magnetic Resonance Therapy For Pain Relief?

I recently had an MRI scan to check the progression of my AS (Ankylosing spondylitis) during a bad flair up.

Something strange happened, not sure f I imagined this, the area that was scanned felt a little warm and for some reason I felt a bit better afterwards. I am wondering if Magnetic resonance treatment can be helpful with pain management?

I found a few pages that say that it is a methode to treat conditions such as arthritis and degenerative spin diseases.

Has anyone else experienced such an effect and then managed to find a treatment facility to continue improving pain situation?


  • MRI scans are much safer than PET scans. Luckily. If you were to go and have constant treatment with a PET scan or X ray you could potentially be in a world of hurt later.

    The dudes who invented X rays tested it on themselves many times over, hands, heads, bodies, you name it. They ended up with weird cancers and problems with degenerative illnesses.

    I have had MRI scans for injuries too. I did also feel warm. But I did not feel an improvement in pain.

    We are all exposed to small amounts of radiation every day. Including mild magnetic waves. But these are mild, tiny amounts.

    I would venture to say that it is really not in your best interests to try to have MRIs frequently. Not only because they are expensive, but also because I dont think its awesome to be exposed to frequent doses of concentrated Magnetic Resonance. Not to say it isnt safe. But it is not that common for people to have constant concentrated doses of it.

    Perhaps you should see a physio or acupuncturist. You are more likely to get good results with them.

    Hope you feel better,

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