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I've been eating BP for approximately 6 months now and it's done wonders for me (seriously, unimaginable changes both cognitively and athletically)!  I am, however, completely clueless when it comes to detoxing.  I'm going on vacation for a week and i am planning on eating whatever the hell i feel like and probably drinking copiously.  When i come back, should i just start eating BP and be quite strict for a few weeks, or is there something i should do to detox from all the crap i'm going to eat during my vacation?



  • I am in a similar boat. I just got back from vacation on 7-14 and I have been on a detox ever since. I started with the "Silver/ Aloe Protocol" which is to ingest 2 teaspoons of colloidal silver mixed with 2 teaspoons of organic aloe vera juice and I take that 3x a day - 30 minutes before meals. The goal is to bind the silver with the aloe to drive it down to the gut to rid the gut of bad bacteria. I am also taking Bryonia Alba which is a homeopathic remedy for detoxing the liver. I take that 4x a day. I have just conducted an organic coffee enema and I plan on following up with another one on 8-14. The goal with the enema is to lay on my left side, let the coffee stimulate my liver and have my liver release toxins into my colon. I have been taking a probiotic called "Dr. Ohira's Probiotics" and I take 1 every day before bedtime. 


    Good luck on your detoxing journey.

  • I'm in the same boat as well...would You recommend the Tim Ferris 80G of Glutamine a day for 3 days afterwards to Heal the Gut as well?

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    hi peeps , so a coupleof qs firstly, would the intermitten fasting aone be enough for a very small 3 kg of weight loss?? would you need to follow th bp diet too? i am mainly vegetarian and eat a little fish and bone broths, bt love coconut oil raw butter, raw goat milk, full fat yoghurt and eggs!

    i eat gluten free  sprouted grains maybe 3 x week and starchy veg 2-3 x  and sprouted pulses but never in huge quantities.. i kinda have to eat those things bein veggie, other wise im literally on nuts, fats, eggs, veggies.....

    do u think if i lessens the carbs( stick to the evening), increase the fat add alittle more fish?

    i work out doin hiit weights, bodyweight and strenght/cardio 4-5 x week..

    how important for results is it to use an aeropress versus a percolator?? ooh and what about raw grass fed cheese on tis diet??


    do you think it could work for me or does the intermitten fasting have to be combined with the bpdiet 100%?


    thanx :cool:

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