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Hi! I want to start with nootropics.

I was thinking about Get Smart and creatine to start.


Should I use something else (I'll also take D3 and Magnesium as supplements)? Other advices?



  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress

    I'm a noob at this also. I've started playing with the Caffeine + Theanine combo. Word on the street is that it's a good place to start and very underrated.

  • ZizZiz
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    Well, neurostim is cheaper, thanks! But I've also noticed it has a smaller amount of Aniracetam.

    What is the suggested daily amount of Aniracetam?


    I'll already take bulletproof coffee of course :D This morning I was out of butter  :(

    I'll try your coffee + theanine formula  ;)

  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress

    Thread about the Caffeine/Theanine here:

    Post your results! :-D

  • ZizZiz
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    I was thinking of taking 1 cap in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. Have you ever experienced with only 1 cap? What can you tell me about?

  • MaverickAzzMaverickAzz Powerful

    I'm probably still a nootropic noob. I've dabbled with vinpocetine, alpha brain, piracetam, aniracetam, choline, creatine, modafinal, and even nicotine gum even though I have never smoked.


    I don't find ANY of them give me the same cognitive boost that just being ketogenic does. I can just feel that my brain is running on a higher octane fuel source. I use "dry eyes" as a sign that I need more carbs in my diet, otherwise, I'm keto the whole time.

    No sorcery, just science. 

  • Well, perfect ;) I'll order it soon.


    @Aaron: Hope I'll be luckier than you with nootropics :P

  • GhastlyPrezGhastlyPrez Ghastly Prezence

    I've dabbled with several nootropics and have come up with a few stacks for various occasions. What all are you trying to get out of your nootropic stack?

  • ZizZiz
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    I want to make my study sessions (programming, electronics, physics and maths) more efficent, improving my focus, my memory, my creativity and whatelse could be related to these subjects   :)

  • GhastlyPrezGhastlyPrez Ghastly Prezence

    I would say for a study and creativity based stack to use Piracetam, Aniracetam, Sulbutiamine, and L-theanine. These will all help with mood and creativity, while the corpus callosum will help increase the connectivity and responsiveness inbetween the two hemispheres of the brain. 

  • ZizZiz
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    Ok, thanks. But is Piracetam really worth of? Aniracetam seems to have the same effects, also if not only through the same chemicals reactions, but more noticeable. Infact Aniracetam acts on protein kinase and calcium ions, while Piracetam only on kinase (speaking in broad terms). I've also read about lots of people which took Piracetam alone and noticed no effect.

  • I've only had alpha brain so far.

    It was ok, I think it made me a bit more confident or something?

    The price kept me away as the effect didn't justify spending regular money on compared to something like bulletproof coffee.

    I've got some aniracetam on the way with some other bits and pieces from alpha brain! Looking forward to trying it.
  • Damn it seems piracetam stacks well with aniracetam but I only ordered ani...
  • GhastlyPrezGhastlyPrez Ghastly Prezence

    Definitely get some Piracetam the next time you order. It is a really good additive for just about every nootropic stack out there.

  • My nootropics arrived today - I got Aniracetam, CDP Choline, L-Huperzine, Vinpocetine, L-Dopa & 5-htp.

    I have since read aniracetam shouldn't be taken with vinpocetine. And L-dopa could be quite harmful - so ill probably store them away for a rainy day! - although I did have 1 L-dopa with a green tea already.

    Would it be better to take the aniracetam with both the cdp & L-huperzine? Or with one or the other?

    I only plan on taking this stuff a couple or few times a week or when I feel I need it for work.
  • GhastlyPrezGhastlyPrez Ghastly Prezence

    Maybe take the huperzine and aniracetam in the morning, and then the cdp in the evening before dinner.

    The first times you take aniracetam it might make you feel a bit drowsy. But after taking it for some time it will no longer do this. 

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