Going To Killarney, Ireland!

Anyone been there? Suggestions? I'm open to just about anything. One of my main goals is to get my hands on some very high-quality butter and ghee and wow people with some BPC Irish style. I have a whole host of friends/family who will be there and would like to have some very unique experiences with local cuisine and attractions. Any thoughts?
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  • I suggest you bring a spare suitcase and fill up on the Kerrygold!
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  • Have recently returned from touring the south west of Ireland.

    It's beautiful!..

    Don't forget to check out the Ladies View on the way in (The lookout)

    I certainly didn't notice any spectacular cuisine in Killarney Skibbereen or Kenmare, just regular restaurants with plenty of meat and fish as specials of the day.

    Grass fed butter is the norm,

    One of my favourite places was the Ring of Beara, spectacular peninsular.

    The other well kept secret is Lough Caragh, there is a magnificent 4 star hotel there (Caragh House).. and the surroundings are magnificent... also very good fishing I believe..although I didn't do that .
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