Creatine Timing

How much creatine should I take daily, when and what carb-food is suggested to use with? How much does the effect last and after how much does it start?



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    This is the advice I got from 2 different sources: 


    1) the Hodge Twins (one of the few people on YouTube that can give you an honest advice with out trying to sell you something) and


    2) a personal trainer I met (who wasn't trying to sign me up or anything... just a casual conversation)


    They say that creatine has a better effect afterwards and that if you take it pre workout you'll mainly be using it to have extra energy but not so much to build volume as if you took it afterwards.


    They also both say that you have to take creatine everyday even if you're not working out (this is most likely common knowledge but just in case)


    The Hodge Twins specially stress that if doing Intermittent Fasting you should workout fasted, wait a few hours after workout before breaking your fast and START your breakfast precisely with creatine so that the body can absorb it better. Not saying that creating should be your breakfast, but that you would start with that before taking your first bite of food. 


    I really like the Hodge Twins and it was because of them that I ended up here. However I stopped watching their videos for a while as they're not very bulletproof (yet) and believe in the whole "calories in calories out" thing. They advice to do I.F. as healthy as possible but are also ok with mixing it with crap food constantly.....I like the Bulletproof attitude a bit better....and I find Dave Asprey WAY WAY more interesting and believable.


    Sorry if I got a bit out of subject here at the end, just wanted to clarify that I'm not recommending the Hodge Twins a 100%


    Back to creatine... this is just what I have gathered so far but I'm no expert. 


    I also started using a very nice creatine called Beast : Best tasing creatine so far, lasts very long and has the best reviews on youtube/ amazon and other fitness websites

  • PS - Just in case. When I said "one of the few people on YouTube that can give you an honest advice with out trying to sell you something" I'm in no way including Dave ;)

  • Thanks for the advices, but I want to use creatine more as a nootropic than a sport supplement, though I will take it also before go sprint running (maybe with this type of run it is effective). Infact googling I've not found many information to use it for my purpose, but thank you by the way because you have given me new infos I didn't know before.

    Here's my issue: i've 3 studying sessions and 1 run session a day. So, for the first five days, I should take 5g before every session (it seems a lor, have i well understood?), and then for 25 day 5 grams a day? Or in my situation is better to take from the beginning only 5g or something around daily?

  • Thanks for the infos, also if 10g a day seems a lot D: But probably I'm wrong.

    Have I to take it also on days in which i don't study or run?

    After how much days should I take a break? And for how much?

  • Agree with Jason completely, I usually take 20-60g a day depending on the day. You have to remember your body burns through prob 20g a day no problem. 

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    Do you think it will be ok 20g a day, also if I don't do physical exercise for an extended time from the beginning of my creatine assumption?

    And do you think a low amount of carbs to make it enters the bloodstream faster would be ok?

  • well if you are looking to ingest some carbs, which I'm guessing will be in the evening, make the bulk of your creatine intake around that time. Ideally your work out/carbs/creatine would all be mostly at night

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    ok, I think my only carbs will come from a tsp of honey before sleep and from a homemade protein bar (low carb btw). In the end this only mean creatine effects will appear later, but with the same intensity, true?

  • Oh sorry, I read it makes its effects faster if taken with a few carbs.

  • Agree with Jason completely, I usually take 20-60g a day depending on the day. You have to remember your body burns through prob 20g a day no problem. 


    Have you seen any studies to this effect? There seems to be a lot of studies concluding conflicting things about the maximal amount of creatine uptake.


    This study states that:

    The creatine supplementation regimen employed in the present study (1-wk loading phase with 20 g/day and a subsequent maintenance dose of 5 g/day) is routinely used by athletes and patients, on the basis of scientific evidence (1327). We now suggest that such creatine supplementation regimen downregulates endogenous creatine biosynthesis within 1 wk and as long as supplementation is continued.


    And that:

    The total ingested amount of creatine is 8.8 g (by oral challenge) plus a presumed dietary intake of ∼0.5–2 g (11) and an unknown amount of endogenously synthesized creatine. Thus, at baseline, a minimum of 9.3 g of creatine is added to the total creatine pool, and between 5.2 g (Pl) and 6.7 g (Cr) are excreted (as creatine and creatinine), leaving a net increase in body creatine content of minimum 2.6 to 4.1 g. After 1, 10, and 20 wk of creatine supplementation, the fractional excretion increased to ∼100% of the total amount of dietary creatine, indicating no further increase in and a saturation of the body creatine content. In light of this abundance of body creatine and nearly complete excretion of ingested creatine, the mechanism of downregulation of endogenous creatine synthesis provides a valuable way to spare amino acids and energy in the human body.

    (which may not be a bad result)

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    First week creapure loading phase of 30g/day in morning:

    Second day in subsequently felt like 100% complete excretion! All day loooooooong.


    Third day in and will lower the dose (split creapure to 7g am and pm so 15g total daily).


    Taking  with L-Glutamine and thinking of taking Taurine with it too.


    On all occasions taking above in a whey protein powder shake and drinking plenty of water throughout the day.


    Thinking of stopping after 8 weeks and resting off for one week before repeating all above again.


    My wife Kat will not participate in this until perhaps after more thyroid tests. Apparently this might cause more complications.


    Also read:


    If you take creatine, high daily doses of caffeine will cancel out its effect. But the effect of caffeine is apparently not so strong that it’s no use at all to creatine takers. A one-time high dose of caffeine does have an effect. So during a course of creatine you could occasionally use caffeine as a training booster.


    Taking caffeine daily is not a good idea though.




    So when do you take your creatine when your on a BP diet?


    Is the dosage of caffeine in our BP routine a high dose? (I think it might be 40g per 100g ground coffee and 250g is considered a high dose but not sure).


    Also read:


    "Caffeine might not attenuate the ergogenic benefits of creatine, if the ingestion of caffeine occurred after the creatine loading phase".


    "The practical recommendation of this study is to supplement with caffeine before intense exercise, if athletes would like to augment the ergogenic effects of creatine."




    I`m thinking maybe substituting the coffee for tea (red bush or green possibly white tea) and making that with the MCT oil and butter in the usual way in the morning.


    From time to time a good dose of BP coffee might be just the spark  needed pre training.


    Incidently the taurine I`m thinking of getting will be taken with the creatine post workout in the protein shake in the evening. I believe this might also help with sleep. 


    As for what works best for the nootropic effect well that might show signs too.


    So creatine timing/dose isn`t quite as simple as I first thought.

  • Bump.


    Thoughts please on the above anyone?

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    Katolotus have you any wise words on the above? Your workout program must incorporate timing to the enth degree, what say you?
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