Stupid Question About Weight Loss Protocol, Looking For A Smart Answer.

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  • Hey Qq, Id give it a try, why not? If you can do a water fast, then fasting with bulletproof coffee will be much easier. When you do the refeed day dont go too nuts. Stick to the bulletproof green end foods and you should be good. You may have some waterweight after that but it will drop off. Try to do a small amount of bodyweight exercise or weightlifting before your refeed. I find its difficult to do that on a fasting day myself.

    When was the last time you had a blood test? Even though you know your body well, Id still do it. Especially with how cheap it is. Its worth it, some of the guys here have had some weird cholesterol readings after theyve started and wanted to tweak things a little. So i think that it is an important test, including the lipids.

    Best of luck dude,

  • Not to sound like a total jerk, but it's equally foolhardy to dispense or request for random folks on an internet blog to tell you to "go for it bro man" on a potentially dangerous diet protocol.  I think the best you are gonna get is "try at your own risk".  Perhaps rather than trying to find quick fixes for screw ups you'd probably be better served to take a long term approach to this.  I've found that it can be easy to loose weight but a bitch to keep it from creeping back up again.  When you think that you can always just do protocol X and drop a pound a day, from my experience at least, you think you can just rectify bad eating later.  If you yo-yo enough it becomes progressively harder to get and keep it off.  Again you may be better served by taking a long view here and think about some permanent changes.  

    How has the low carb thing worked for you?  Where were you at your heaviest and what worked / didn't work for you?
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    Heaviest 315 pounds, dietary changes over the past 4 years helped me lose 70-80, currently stuck at 235-245 and have been for over a year. Interesting that you automatically assumed I have a poor diet, I've never had a poor diet- I just ate way too much good food and some bad (grains.) The latter of which left my diet promptly a few years ago. So no, I'm not looking for a quick fix- if I were I'd be about 5 years late.

    Also, if you'll notice my question, it was not if I should or should not try the protocol. My question was "should I forgo the blood tests or if that would be nuts."
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    Kitty, my last blood test was probably 8 or 9 years ago when I was still at 200 pounds! Unfortunately I was 13 or 14... However my tests came back incredible, I still remember the doctor telling me I'd have really poor cholesterol numbers based on my height and weight. She called me and said shamefully that my cholesterol was better than hers. (She was a very thin Chinese woman.) We'll see if the numbers look the same now, fingers crossed.

    Thanks Kitty.
  • If money is the issue why not just do two 24h water fasts per week? It is the cheapest weight loss program available. Start simple and see how it goes.

    I was also stuck on a plateau for the last year and am finding water fasts take weight off quickly. Just make sure you don't "reward" yourself and overeat when you come off the fast. I just got the book EatStopEat. It is a very simple approach to intermittent fasting. I think there might be a little magic in starting a 24h fast with bulletproof coffee and then breaking it the same way, Feels awesome!
  • Joshua, I tried doing two fasts a week actually, funny that you mention it- I was doing 36 hour fasts and not eating very much on the days I was eating, enough to be satisfied but not a lot, my normal diet of high fat low carb. Still didn't get below my plateau after 3-4 fasting days (2 weeks.) My weight didn't budge, even when going back to eating normally (which lead me to believe my leptin was screwy based on a few helpful tips.) Which is why I'm considering the bulletproof protocol.
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    I already eat 99% bulletproof, with the occasional neutral zone food (chicken, or something.) I eat lfewer than 30 carbs per day, it's not like I'm coming here on the typical SAD diet, eating 300 carbs a day and wanting to use the protocol to lose the weight so I can get back to eating shit. I understand nutrition pretty well and I don't like low quality food.

    I've noticed a trend on this board, people automatically assume that everyone *but* them eats the worst possible diet in existence and they need to be guided to eat better.

    I eat meat and veggies, BP coffee, some 90% chocolate and some nuts occasionally, my compliance with bulletproof green zone is in the high 90 percentile (probably 99%) and again my carb intake of net carbs, way under 30 grams. My body is just very stubborn with this last 40 pounds (out of 115 to lose.) So no, I'm not trying to recover from my terrible diet, I'm not trying to lose weight so I can eat all the crap food I want... I just wanted to know if the blood testing was necessary, which is now irrelevant considering I already had the test...
  • QQ - fair enough, but to be fair, you didn't really say you were "99% bulletproof" in your original post. It's not bad advice to suggest to folks they start with being compliant with the diet before doing a fat fast. I also don't think it's unreasonable for folks to balk at essentially dispensing medical advice on an open forum. You were looking for someone to tell you "yeah sure fine do it, you'll be fine" and I'll repeat that I think it would be foolhardy on both ends to give such a guarantee. A fast like that is use at your own risk sorta thing and I think it's better that folks reiterate that and that you might be better off taking a longer approach. Sorry if I came off like a jerk!
  • Mark, again, my question was not "should I do the fast" my question was regarding how necessary it is to have bloodwork done prior to doing the fast.
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    QQ, you are missing the point - you were asking essentially for medical advice from folks on a message board. Stop being pedantic and listen for a second. Whether the question was should you do the fast at all and be just fine or should you do the fast without bloodwork and be just fine you are asking a bunch of strangers to make medical assessments of whether something is safe for you to do. That's just foolish. If you had asked "what was other people's experiences on a fast like this" then you could have collected information and made an informed decision on your own. Instead you wanted people to give you the answer on a platter of what would be best for you to do ... and when you didn't like the answer given to you you just wanted to argue semantics. But I fear you still won't get my point ... what was it about teaching pigs to sing? So yes, your question was indeed stupid to ask in the first place.
  • IF someone poses a specific question and is given an unrelated response, I don't understand why you would expect the asker not point out the obvious fact that you ignored the question and responded to a question you made up in your head.

    All you have brought to this post: Negativity, false assumptions (with corresponding commentary, yippee!) and shallow fluff.

    I have no interest in speaking to someone who made a broad assumption about me based on practically no information, with the purpose of sounding useful, despite the lack of usefulness.

    Lastly asking a specific question to a broad forum audience generally implies that I would want to hear their experiences, if I were searching for medical advice, don't you think I'd call a doctor?
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