Any Women Have Successful Weightloss


I'm new here...have been posting on Kruse's Forum.

BP IF sounds interesting.

However scanning some of the forum posts it seems much more difficult for women to lose weight.

I'd love to hear about some positive female weight loss experiences.


  • I haven't, but according to the people who responded to my post it's because I haven't been trying hard enough and I need to "suck it up, buttercup" lol. My mom, who did the diet perfectly, didn't have very good results either. But I have a guy friend who does this that swears by it. So I don't know :-/ Good luck to you though! It's worth a try!

    Dave say's "basically, will a few of the Bulletproof Diet principles be enough to notice any difference? The answer is always the same: 'Yes – but the more you do, the better it works'" and that "exercise can make up for a small level of toxin exposure or bad fats" which is what I tried to do since I can't always afford grass-fed meat any everything organic, but it just didn't work for me. Hopefully you will get better results : )
  • We can get good results. Our hormonal systems are much more complex than the guys. We have to be able to reproduce and then be able to take care of the children. Dudes just have to help create the baby. image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> Even if our goals may not be at this very second in time to reproduce, our bodies are biologically designed to 'want' to reproduce since we started menstruation. Having more hormones going on than guys means that our bodies are much more sensitive to changes in food and diet than mens are. Our bodies react faster. If we mess up then we will know about it faster.

    Also, many of us expect to get results 'right away'. Chances are, after years of filling ourselves with the wrong stuff, we have a build up of bad chemicals, toxins, strange hormonal balances, you name it. Part of the Bulletproof principles are to get your body back in a better state. If you really want that grass fed butter, chances are your body really needs it. When i first started I couldnt get enough of the stuff.

    DONT go out and try to lose right away. Go and have the bulletproof food and let your body rebalance itself, THEN go and cut down a little and see if you lose.

    It took me quite a while to do anything with weight loss, however, I did notice, that I could eat 2500-3000 calories everyday for a couple weeks following only bulletproof principles and doing weight lifting 4 times a week, and I didnt gain an ounce. I changed my body composition to have more muscle and less fat. If I had eaten that many calories from carbohydrates I would have put on like no tomorrow. I felt better, my skin cleared up, and I had loads of energy. Then i did the intermittent fasting protocol with restricted calories and I lost 4 kg in two weeks, make that 9 pounds.

    Despite the advice, you really cannot eat anything you want and still lose. We are small women. Not bug dudes with lots of muscle. We need to restrict our calories a little to lose. Not too much obviously. Not 1000 cal. well above that. More like 1500-1800. Dont do excess amounts of cardio. Sure, walk, but dont go on the eliptical or bike for an hour. Not good for you and stresses your body out. Your body thinks you are being chased by a predator all the time (evolutionarily speaking) and your stress hormones will increase and you will not lose. Do some intense intervals, lift some weights, then go home and have some fat and protein and veggies.

    If you arent gonna get grass fed meat, dont get meat. Same with butter. Get some wild fish (not farmed). Or get some free range eggs, those are not expensive. The fats in grain fed meat are bad and will be inflammatory.

    check this out:

    Hope that helps,

  • For me, it does seem to have worked but everyone's body is different and will respond differently/take a different amount of time to respond and I think it's important for people to remember this. Even on standard 'calorie restriction' diets you wouldn't expect to just suddenly drop all the weight you want and with this type of eating plan you are asking your body to pretty much re-wire the way it uses certain food groups... it's probably going to take a while!

    Personally, I learnt to really enjoy eating, eat more than I usually would, and sleep a lot better, my mood improved and my stress levels seem to have diminished. As an added bonus, I seem to have managed to shift a half stone or so, and do not particularly want to lose much more. Perhaps more importantly though is the fact that I am happier with how I feel about my body and the fact I am doing something that I know is going to be beneficial to my health, rather than just calorie cutting to get to a media created idea of the 'perfect body'. I'm only a couple of months in but cannot wait to see what future improvements there are to come!

    Stick with it and enjoy the journey!
  • [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]I've had fantastic results! In my first week, during which I ate pounds of meat and fish, lots of veg, half pound of butter, at least 4 oz. ghee, two coconuts, 2 bars of dark chocolate (90%), almost a dozen eggs, and more!, I lost 3.5 pounds. The same weight loss is continuing into my 2nd week. After 30 years of low fat/high carb/mostly vegetarian wherein I struggled mightily to lose 1.5 pounds a month, this lifestyle/diet has been a revelation for me. I've never felt better. I'm doing this for my health more than the weight loss, but I'm thrilled thus far. Admittedly, I'm post-menopause, so hormones may not play as big of a role.[/font]
  • I think one of the biggest things for woman to do is get a hormone pannel and check everything out.

    This day and age we have things influencing hormonal balance at every turn.
  • Great thread, ladies. It's always good to hear the feminine side of things. It's often very different and helps me take care of my patients.
  • I think some of us will have slower initial loss because we are lacking some of the nutrients that the bulletproof diet provides us with. I know for one when i started I couldnt get enough of the grass fed butter and beef. I was likely slightly iron deficient and definitely lacking the grass fed butter nutrients. A, E, good fats.. we are all different and we all will respond to this differently depending on how our diets were before we started. I was strict vegetarian and beat my body up with too much soy. Mackay, tell your patients to stay away from soy!! Has certainly done me some damage. I think one of the most important things one should take into account when one is starting this protocol is whether to focus on regaining nutrients and then weight loss (if that's the goal), or whether to go straight into the IF or RFL. Our prior dietary background and general health will be the best indicators of how we will react in the first weeks.
  • Hi All,

    I've been observing (n-1) on Kruse's site and others, and a couple of key questions for ladies to help figure out if it's going to work for lbds off are:


    TOM Status (non regular TOM is indicator of hormonal issues that will prevent fat loss)

    Hormone panel

    Previous yo-yoing

    How long you've been at current weight

    How overfat you are

    If you have symptoms that reflect out of whack hormones, such as too much facial hair, weird body shape (strong good legs, lots of abdomen fat), mood issues- those are all signs that you have things that are either going to take a while to fix before you lose - or that are preventing you from losing UNLESS you fix.

    My $.02
    Cavemam in Colorado
  • Personally, I havent really lost any weight, but Im down more than half a size. Im doing BP plus following the T-tapp exercise regimen, and things are shaping up beautifully.
  • I've lost about 15 lbs on the diet, but have noticed that as I go, I need to up my exercise a bit. If you really want the fat loss, try a bit of HIIT (high intensity interval training) about once a week. More than that and your stress hormones may rocket on the low carb, and try to do it the day after your carb re-feed when you have a lot of glycogen to burn. Other than that, just try to stay active. It's not about calories in/calories out entirely. It's also about doing what makes your body feel right, so fiddle here and there and find out what works for you within the green spectrum of the diet.

    I would also like to mention that I too have seen a body composition change more so than weight loss. image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> Keep up the good work ladies!
  • Given the scale does not move as quickly for some of you, is there a better way to measure progress? Blood sugar readings, clothes, body fat %.

    What are your thoughts?
  • Body fat %, body measurements, and blood parameters are great ways to quantify whether or not the diet is working for you!
  • Thanks for the feedback. I'm trying to put together a way to work with women that is not as emotionally charged as the scale.

    Although, water weight fluctuations can be useful feedback.
  • The scale can be very emotionally charged. It's hard to just tell people, especially women, that it is not the best way to judge progress.

    measurements are good, Im not so sure about the blood glucose stuff unless they are pre diabetic or have metabolic problems. I know some overweight people who have been told to monitor their blood glucose and that is fine, but their weight and health clearly are not. Just my opinion.

    Some people have used ketone sticks to measure their ketones, doubt their accuracy a little, but potentially useful. I know some women also monitored their body temperature to make sure they werent going under in terms of calories, they also thought it was a good indicator of thyroid problems, but hypothyroid can present without loss of temperature homeostasis.

    If women worry about bloating, taking a probiotic supplement really makes a difference. we have ethical nutrients 'inner health plus' here in australia. i found out i experience digestive problems with lectins and phytates in oats, and i took a double dose of inner health and my bloating and pain was gone very quickly. Also found they are helpful for bloating with menstruation.

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