Anyone Know Anything About These Smart Drugs?

First of all, I am not affiliated with smartpowders at all. But I have ordered from them before and they do provide fast and efficient service. With that said, I am going through the list of nootropics/brain enhancers and I've noticed a lot of "products" that I have never heard of outside of your typical nootropics (piracetam, nopept, creatine etc.) Does anyone know anything about this list below:



Bacopa Monnieri 


Phosphatidyl Choline


PEA 500


and..not trying to undercut Dave or Onnit guys, but how it is possible these guys are selling Alpha Brain for almost HALF of what the actual producers (Onnit) are selling for. There selling 90 capsules for 47.95 but Onnit sells it for 79.95 


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