Atfter 30 years of gastric distress continually waiting for my next event, I started taking Metamucil, which changed my life. I have been on a fiber supplement for 15 years, currently Citrucel. I have tried to quit but so far I have not been successful. I am down to only once a day, from twice. I have been on the diet for a couple months. Before that is has been agradual process from low GI to low carb to Paelo to now BP. Each step being an improvement in my health and state of being. I have been wheat free for almost 6 months. What are BP position on fiber supplements. My impression is it is probably not BP and I am trying to wean myself, but so far I have not. I have always had a sensitive gut, certain foods would cause weeks of gastric distress. Except for that I am fairly healthy. I understand now that I have sensitivities to certain food grains, legumes. What are the down sides to taking fiber supplements.


  • Taking too many fibre supplements too often can result in eventual dependence. Our paleo ancestors did not have metamucil in order to be regular. Ive read around some forums and quite a few people seem to have some trouble when they are starting paleo style diets cause they arent having the same sort of food groups they are used to. And meat doesnt really have fibre. Ive found what has helped me is taking a probiotic supplement. Not a drink, but a capsule with live bacteria :lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. They improve bowel health, improve your immune system, and can fight cancer. Chris Kresser supports probiotics and kefir is supposed to be helpful too. Also whole milk is quite good and whole yogurt.

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