Gf Beef Tallow Vs Gf Butter

I've been trying to cut back on food cost, all while maintaining high quality food intake. I eat quite a bit of Kerry's gold butter, but even with the volume discount from US Wellness, the cost is still too high. I can get about 36 pounds of grassfed beef tallow from US wellness for about $110. Basically its $3 a lb for tallow vs about $9 for butter. My main concern is health, but this huge cost discrepancy is a bit concerning. I emailed Us wellness about how they render there beef tallow and got this response.<br />
<br />
"We appreciate your interest. We use the same methods as the pioneers in the 1800's. The tallow is brought to a simmer for approximately 8-10 hours to evaporate the water from the raw suet in order to produce tallow. Simmer temperature is approximately 180-200 degrees F."<br />
<br />
How damaging is this process to the fat. If tallow is cheaper, but essentially doing harm to my body, then I will stick with butter exclusively. However, I have access to a deep freezer and can store the 5 gallon tub of tallow, no problem. If anyone has any insight into this issue, I would be greatly appreciated.


  • How much does Kerrygold cost in the USA? Is it really that expensive?<br />
    I live in the mother land of real butter, Ireland, and it is dirt cheap here <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
  • in NYC- cheapest source for Kerrygold is Trader Joe's. $2.99/8oz. most other sources are $3.49-$3.99/8oz. i have seen it as high as $4.49.
  • At one store with tax, it runs me about $5.41 at and at another about $7. Online through , I can get it down to about $5.47 if I purchase at least 10 packages. Overall. I will continue buying the salt free version online, for my bulletproof coffee, but will be switching to tallow for majority of fat use. Other than a few things like yams, parsnips and a few choice vegetables, butter isn't needed. Tallow on the other hand, can turn the flavor of a bland vegetable mix, into a flavor packed powerhouse. I am mostly concerned with the health impact though. The heat seems extremely low and not too likely to damage tallow as the smoke point is much higher than the temperatures they simmer at. Kerry's gold butter is pasteurized and is potentially subject to some heat damage as well.
  • <p>I'm also curious about this topic; I bought 2 pounds of raw suet from my local beef farmer on a whim for $2/lb.  It's so cheap but I don't want the fats to oxidize if I render it.  Would appreciate any advice!</p>
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