My Bio-Hacks

Hi everybody. I'm fairly new to the BP forum and the BP lifestyle in general. I just wanted to check-in with what I've been doing so far, so I can get some feedback from anyone willing to critique me. And also to possibly introduce other bio-hackers to hacks they may not know about.


About me:

My name is Daniel, and my Initials are DRM (hence Dr.M.) I'm 23 years old. I graduated from a junior college about a year and a half ago with an associates degree in mathematics. After JC, I took a break to get my mind off school for a while and to do an internship for the national solar observatory. I recently got accepted into UC Davis where I plan on going for either Physics or Engineering. (I'm thinking bio-physics right now but it changes quite frequently.)


I found out about the BPexec through the Joe Rogan podcast with Dave Aspery (the first one) and have been checking in on it off and on ever since then. I recently started really getting into bio-hacking and have been reading a ton of dave's blog posts and have been listening to the upgraded-self podcasts starting from newest to oldest (which is weird because the quality gets worse and worse as does the editing and the organization.) 


Here are my goals:


1. Treat my self-diagnosed ADD

2. Improve my mental performance

3. Improve my physique (I'm ~5'11'' and ~165lbs so I'm not trying to lose weight, rather transfer weight of the moderate amount of fat I do have into muscle.)

4. Quit Video games. (I recently moved and left my computer at my sister's house, so this should help the transition. While I think video games can be a great mental exercise, I believe I have been too addicted to them and that it has been impeding on my 'real' life. If I quit video games and instead put the time into playing guitar, biohacking, starting a business, drawing, learning something new, etc, theres no telling what I could accomplish. It's difficult though because my ADD LOVES videogames. 

5. Be happier, kinder, self-confident, higher-performing, all-around better person

6. Become bulletproof.


Here is a breakdown of the bio-hacks I've been working on:


1. Diet. Pretty straight-forward as this is probably the most important bio-hack of all. Started the BP diet about two weeks ago. Definitely feeling sharper and more energetic. Been BP Intermittent fasting almost everyday. After fasting, I'll have a bp salad topped w/ coconut oil. Followed by another salad about an hour later (that's how long it takes me to get hungry after the first one.) Then for dinner I'll have usually try to eat my protein for the day (a few grass-fed turmeric burgers or some fish or bison etc.)

I'm trying to mostly keep to the green side of the BP diet, but as I don't have very much money ATM, I've been forced to take non-BP shortcuts here and there. (i.e. non grass-fed meat, yellow-scale veggies, etc.) I try to always take activated charcoal along with the not-so-BP foods as well as couple them with generous amounts of kerrygold and coconut oil so my body can deal with the toxins and crap better. I've been doing carb-refeeds of 1/2 cup (before cooking) of white jasmine rice every 3-4 days. I have completely cut out all other grains without exception.

I thought Dave was being a little over the top with his oxcallic-acid phobia, but I blended about 2-3 cups of un-cooked spinach into a veggie-fat shake today and holy crap did that knock my dick in the dirt! Within 5 minutes I felt like I was going to pass out and that I needed a nap. I immediately took some magnesium and some activated charcoal (don't have any calcium on hand). I'm still feeling pretty crappy 5 hours later. 


2. Coffee. Being a poor college student. I haven't been able to buy the MCT oil for my coffee even though I would like to. Therefore I've been using kerrygold and coconut oil for my coffee. I sometimes get a bad stomach ache after having my coffee. I'm fairly certain it's when I put too much coconut oil in my coffee because today I doubled the amount of butter I used while keeping the amount of coconut oil the same and felt fine. I am now up to ~2 Tablespoons of butter and ~1 Tablespoon coconut oil. (The more fats I add the tastier it gets!)


3. Dual-n-Back. I started doing this with the "Brain workshop" program mentioned in the blog-post regarding dual-n-back (which I can't find.) I started it quite a few months ago then gradually lost interest and found myself not touching it anymore. Recently, as I have been taking my personal bio-hacking to a whole new level, I have downloaded a dual-n-back app for my phone and have been pushing myself to do it every day for at least 20 minutes. I think overall I've accumulated about 15 days of training so I'll need to keep it up for at least another couple weeks. I'm fairly comfortable doing dual 4/5 back games and with help from my ADD hyper-focusing I can get up to dual 6/7 back and hold it there for a few rounds before I deplete my brain power and am kicked back down to 4/5.

Once the exercise gets to higher numbers, it helps for me to try to group my memorized letter/positions in groups of three or four. I often lose concentration and have to start memorizing the new data as it comes. When it gets to the higher numbers I can't memorize new data coming in while checking for matches and keeping the old data in my head all at the same time, so I am forced to start over after every set of "n" with the memorizing. This costs me lots of right answers. Once I have "n" letters and positions memorized I stop trying to remember new data and simply check the old data. This works ok for now but I'm hoping that with practice I will be able to do everything needed.


4. Mediation. I recently started meditating (3-4 days ago.) I've been following the regiment outlined by the book Deep MediationIt's only $4.00 for the kindle version and only takes like 2-3 hours to read (if you're a slow reader like me.) I really enjoyed it and have been meditating for 40 minutes (two 20minute sessions) a day as the book suggests. So far I haven't had much success with clearing my mind, but I've been doing it for less than a week so not too surprising. I've been using the mantra "IYAM" as the author suggests which is sometimes easy to focus on and I can hear it resonate loudly in my mind drowning out most other thoughts, and when my mind wanders I am able to easily return to the mantra and have a clearer mind. Other times I can barley focus on the mantra at all. It sounds quiet and is easily overwhelmed by the other thoughts in my head. It seems like trying to listen to a friend whispering across the room when there are 4-5 other people on either side of me, yelling random shit at each other. In this scenario I often forget about the mantra for long periods of time, and when I do return to it, I quickly lose focus again. I'm hoping to buy a HRV monitor soon (After paying off at least some debts) and will try to combine HRV with my current meditation attempts. 


5. The Flinch. I've been working on conquering my flinch as defined by the book The Flinch by Julien Smith (The guest star on podcast #24.) The Kindle version is free and the book takes <1 hour to read. The basic jist of it is to go balls-to-the-wall and to tell the voice inside your head to STFU. I wrote a review on the book here.


6. Oil Pulling. I've been swishing around coconut oil in my mouth for 20 minutes a day for the last week in an attempt to whiten my teeth. I've used the crest white-strips in the past (which worked like a charm), but after a while I developed severe pain in my gums and the strips weren't cheap. I haven't found any non-anecdotal evidence to say why or how oil-pulling works (although I didn't look that hard), so I'm just giving it a go and hoping for the best. My teeth appear to be whiter, but I didn't take before and after pictures to be sure. Therefore it could very well be a placebo. (Note that it is recommended that people do at least 2 weeks of oil pulling for best results so I am only half-way done.) I'll keep you all appraised of my thoughts on this and if I believe it to be an effective bio-hack.


7. Powerful posing. I recently watched a Ted talk by Amy Cuddy on this. I've been trying to do these powerful poses every day multiple times a day in the hopes that I will fake it till I become a more self-confident, risk-taking person able to take on any challenge. 


8. Quantifying Sex. I'll be brief on this one as I AM talking to a bunch of strangers. I've been limiting the number of my orgasms to 1-2 per month. As I don't have a girlfriend ATM, this isn't entirely difficult. (Perhaps I should have called this one, "Quantifying Masturbation?") I'm not entirely sure how beneficial this is on a pheromone level as I haven't felt like my life is an Axe commercial, but in any case, not having hairy palms or killing as many kittens is always good. 


Let me know if you have any questions on any of this information, or if you have other bio-hacker suggestions to help me achieve my goals. Also let me know if there is anything I can be doing better!




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