Help Understanding Blood Test Results?

Hi guys, had my blood work done- wondering if anyone with more experience can look the results over to help me understand them?



  • The first thing I noticed was your high uric acid content, but it's not too high. It *could* mean that you aren't drinking enough fluids. It might be worth a re-test after you spend a few days making sure you are properly hydrated.

    Then your HDL is kind of low. You want it closer to 100 than to 30 and, as it says, above 60 is negatively corresponded with risk of heart attack. If I had to give a suggestion for doing that, it'd be to eat a daily dose of organic cocoa powder. I've been taking about 10 g. a day for about 6 months and my HDL has improved fairly drastically.

    The other concerning thing is just how dang high your triglycerides are. Yikes. I'll have to do some digging for that.
  • Thanks Lisa, I do have issues drinking enough water. That is likely the cause, I seem to forget that drinking is just as important or more important than eating.

    On the HDL, Cocoa powder meaning... The stuff I used to make hot chocolate with as a kid? The stuff that makes that oh so incredible thick chocolatey beverage that I am drooling just thinking about it? You know, I don't think that is going to be a problem for me *currently ordering 5 pounds of NOW foods Cocoa* (however, I am wondering how the 1/2-1 bar of 85%-90% dark chocolate I eat daily did not help?)

    From what I've read on the Triglycerides, they aren't too bad. On the low end of high (high starting at 200 and becoming "very high" at 500+) So I don't think I will have too much trouble normalizing.
  • Make sure you get as pure of cocoa powder as you can. I mix 100% cocoa with a bit of stevia into a shake with frozen berries and coconut milk. It's heaven. The dark chocolate bar probably *did* help. I tend to eat a bit of dark chocolate (>80%) every day too. High in good fats and helps your heart and brain. image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
  • Purchased 100% cocoa by now foods off amazon. I will now be enjoying hot chocolate daily, I love the coconut milk idea, would make some really rich creamy hot chocolate. The shake also sounds good but when it comes to eating chocolate, I like tasting more chocolate than anything else so I may just add ice and nix the berries.

    I have a feeling the low HDL may also have to do with my weight, I'm currently 5'9" 238. I took the blood tests to see if I'm able to do the rapid fat loss protocol, it appears that all the important stuff is okay to go ahead with the protocol so we'll see what happens when I take my birthday blood test! Yippee.
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