Bulletproof Baby Formula?

I'm in a position when my 4 month old turns 6 months I will have to start feeding her formula. Its been a miracle I got my wife to go this far with breast milk, which I am grateful.

What are my options? Can someone help design a BP formula?

Dave - I would love if you could weigh in on this. I really don't want to screw around and do something harmful. I want to make sure I am getting all the nutrients she needs.

The online recipes for homemade formula are pretty bad. Most use combinations of vegetable/sunflower/flax seed oils Yeast flakes? Doesn't sound good?

I'm thinking of using a raw goat milk base for the formula. Other than that I'm not sure. I would like to use this formula for the next 6 months following so I want it to be really good.




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