Low-Temperature Pasteurized Milk

I have yet to visit a farm to buy actual, verifiably raw milk, but I have seen a brand sold at Whole Foods that is grass-fed and "low-temperature" pasteurized that comes in a glass bottle. To me, Im pretty sure that any temperature pasteurized is bad news, but Im not 100%. It sure does taste like Id imagine raw milk to taste - I can taste the very pasture on which the cow must have grazed!

In the primal diet, its founder drinks nothing but raw milk, and one of my family members almost put himself into the hospital once after drinking 2 gallons in a day (its a super-powerful detoxifier, and not all the toxins were able to be eliminated through the colon, so they tried to come out in every other possible way). Raw milk and raw colostrum are supposed to be some of the best things to consume for ones personal health, and, being unpasteurized, I understand that even lactose intolerant people shouldnt have issues with consuming them.

Question is - does this milk pasteurized at a "low-temperature" qualify as being any better than regular pasteurized milk?


  • i'm wondering this too. there's a dairy farm at a lot of the NYC farmers markets that has grass-fed dairy. their milk is pasteurized to the absolute minimum time + temp required by law.

    i buy their butter often, and buy their yogurt once in a while. i'd up my yogurt intake and consider buying some milk if there are benefits to be had.
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