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I've recently started Judo and I'm trying to come up with a hack protocol to improve myself so I can train better.


One thing that happens is during randori (free practice of throws) my shins get a right bollocking and get a lot of bruises. I also get some pretty meaty bruises in other surprising places.


Does anyone have any hacks to either heal bruises quicker than usual or to avoid them in the first place?




  • awesome another judoka!!!!


    I have nothing of value to add, I was just happy that someone else is doing judo here :)  


    Most people have a set of ankle/shin/calf bruises from sweeps and another set on one of your biceps from people practising ippon seonage. I think most people accept it as part of the deal, but very interested to hear hacks about this!! I have a lot of bruises as well.


    At the moment I am working with a functional movement physio to address my balance and flexibility issues, this has of late been really holding my progress of certain movements.

    Also, trying to play with sleep to improve my resiliance throughout the training week (after 5 training sessions a week i'm usually dead), and tweaking my diet.

    And from a psychological perspective overcoming some issues that are limiting my randori effectiveness - doing a lot of visualisation, meditation and positive self-talk excersises.


    After I improve these, speed is my next big task.


    Really keen to hear your hacks so I can steal them!!!

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    Judoooookaaaaaa!!! Yes, I'm trying to get some kind of advantage with all this bio-hacking reading I'm doing.


    So far my judo hack list is:

    - Ron White's Memory in a Month: he teaches an excellent method of memory using Japanese counting as an example. Great coincidence there, plus I am trying to use the technique to memorise all the names of throws and things (memory palace technique)

    - Body By Science Big 5: I have office-worker strength in general that I need to fix. I might add specific judo movements too, like deltoids for uchikomi.

    - Kelly Starrett's Supple Leopard book: my flexibility sucks, my squats suck and I have duck feet, so I need to fix them all. The book is in the mail!

    - Serrapeptase: a lot more reading to do on this, but the flexibility benefits sound great. Might help with bruising too?

    - Pre/post nutrition: a lot more reading to do on how much protein/fat/carb to eat before and after a session, plus timing.


    As far as bruises, I'm just accepting them as part of the deal. But if there's a hack to get rid of them, I'm keen! I am going to try an ice pack once I get home. I might look into some under gi gear like shin guards too.

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    Wow, good call. Check out this series of pics:

  • Bromelain is said to help speed bruise healing too. Not sure how well it works, but you can get it in supplement form or just eat a bunch of fresh pineapple.
  • thats awesome!


    I am not familiar with body by science big 5, but something that is quite important is working on pulling motions *insert immature pun here*


    You can do this various ways, we have a rope in our gym and a bulgarian bag, but you you can also use uchi komi bands (i'm sure there are lots of other ways as well). The bulgarian bag and rope are also good because they improve your grip a lot.


    That is funny about the supple leapord - i just got my copy today! it looks insanely detailed. Can't wait to dig in.


    I took some collagen for a while but I don't know if it was the right type/in the right form and I was making a lot of other changes at the same time so I have to re-investigate. Would be keen to hear serrapeptase results.


    I'm also hitting the foam rolling like a mofo recently - not sure how much I have improved - I really need to start quantifying these things and keeping a log.

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    Yellow belt achievement: unlocked!

    Bruises remain however.
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