Couch To 14K... In 15 Weeks.

Do you guys think it's possible to go from being a sedentary ex-fat guy to running a 14km charity run in Sydney (City2Surf) in 15 weeks?


I'm thinking a mix of Body by Science, tabata interval training, carb back loading with a 100% green BP diet (ie no more friday beer & pizzas! Nooooo!), and then hacking my recovery with ice baths and a foam roller. I'll be using Jason's "bulletproofing the athlete" formula too. Ideally, I want to get to the finish line without every having actually done the 14km run as part of my training. Comments?



Thoughts on extra supplements?

Creatine is already on the list. Leucine? Strontium for bone strength?


I'm planning on seeing a sports therapist to fix any imbalances. I'll be MobilityWODing the shit out of myself too.


What am I missing?

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  • What is your current fitness level ?

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    What is your current fitness level ?


    Bad. I used to do a lot of martial arts until I was 18. For the following 13 years, I've been a desk jockey. 

    At the gym recently, I realised I've still got an old karate visualisation trick up my sleeve... when I'm getting tired/sore, I can breathe "into" my muscles to pull some more endurance from them. Hippy bullshit, but I like the results!

    No sorcery, just science. 

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    Just make sure you really push it during the tabata/interval training, you have to get extremely uncomfortable, when you start hearing the voices you know your close. This is so when you're doing the race you have a feeling to compare to, you just keep reminding yourself "I've felt worse than this", during the race you can set your interval timer app to 1:00 and :30 with an easy pace, now is not the time to be a hero and the relentless beeping will keep you present and consistent.


    Didn't even think about an interval timer app... I'll get onto iTunes now. Good advice!


    And I've never run more than 400m before, so you're miles ahead of me!

    No sorcery, just science. 

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    Definitely mate! I did the JP Morgan run (only 5km) with only around 6-7 training sessions of running 3km.

    Got 38 mins as my score but I did finish :-D
  • Ben Greenfield is big on minimalist triathlon training, see if you can find some stuff by him. Lots of interval training ...

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    There's a good piece in the Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss called 'Going from 5k to 50k in 12 weeks. Might be worth checking out.


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    You know what, fuck it! I'm going to sign up as well!

  • i'd like to do this but i can only run about 5km at the very most in one go!

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    I've never run more than that, ever!
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    15 weeks? Plenty of time... Probably all normal weight people could run 15km without training if they just suck it up and run. 


    You HAVE to do some sport specific training too.... Intervals... its all fine and dandy, but if you haven't ever ran over 400 meters you might be in for a few surprises.... Your legs are obviously used to carrying you to the coffee automate and back in the office so a run of 15km WILL probably induce some nasty pain/cramping/blisters everywhere in your legs. Would be a great idea to do at least a couple "introduction runs", also to kind of gauge where you are at. 

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    Having a goal is great but I would question the goal you have in mind.  You are talking about a lot of time and sweat and the endgame you are going to get a little metal and perhaps resemble the human equivalent to a greyhound.  I live in an area where I see runners all the time and never do I look at them and say to myself "holy crap I want to start running so I can look like that".  On the other hand there is a crossfit gym near where I live and the men and women there look like superheroes.  That gives me pause and makes me want to give that a go.  The other option that enters my head is jujitsu.  There you can get in shape and learn to choke the hell out of anyone who needs.  Now, these are not as concrete a goal as 14k but in my mind the end result is still fitness.  

    I should also mention that it seems all studies I hear about exercise being good for you states anaerobic not aerobic.  

  • I should also mention that it seems all studies I hear about exercise being good for you states anaerobic not aerobic.  


    A lot of authors like to use these studies, or the very same comparison you used, to demonize low intensity cardio. 


    But you know, the world isn't black and white. What if the OP runs 15 km? Is his cortisol level going to be chronically elevated for the rest of his life? Is he going to need to apply for TRT? Is he going to look like he could be from a concentration camp? Likely not. 


    If you program smartly low intensity cardio can have it's place. Some of the benefits are that it is easy to recover from (if you are doing a lot legs you might want to cycle instead of jogging as it has less impact forces), so you are able to increase your aerobic condition with the least effect on your recovery. If you want to improve your maximal cardiac output low intensity cardio could have its place in your program.


    So in short running a few miles a week isn't going to kill anyone. Excessive cardio has some nasty effects on your psychology but no one should be scared of doing a moderate amount. 

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    So in short running a few miles a week isn't going to kill anyone. Excessive cardio has some nasty effects on your psychology but no one should be scared of doing a moderate amount. 


    Agree with you completely as well as with joeld123. The distinction between regularly pounding the pavement and doing a one off event should be made. I'd like to run a marathon at some point, but I would do high intensity training a la Body By Science and 4-Hour Body to get there instead of running 5km per day or something silly like that. It's a bucket list item for me, I doubt I'd want to do another one after that.

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    An additional challenge is the Sydney Marathon which is only 6 weeks after this one... ;-)

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    A few weeks ago I had a spanner thrown in the works. I've got some follow-up blood work to do before I get the all clear. This means I can't do THIS race. I'm certainly keen to get some of you BP animals together for something else later in the year though. One of those obstacle courses (Tough Mudder, etc) would be bad ass!

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