Start Using Mct? Forever?

Hi all

I'm waiting to receive my first bottle of MCT oil by mail, and I've read up on it, learning that I should start using very small doses and then work up from there to see how my body reacts to it.

What I haven't been able to find out, is for how long I should be taking MCT? I mean, will I have to continue taking this "forever" when I've started using it?

I'm 185 lbs and 6 feet tall, so I'm not extremely overweight, but I'm trying to lose 20-25 lbs of "extra" fat. I'm working out 2-3 times a week and I would describe myself as pretty healthy.

I have started on the BP Diet, eating healthier, and adding coconut oil to my diet.

But my question is; if I continue to eat healthy, can I then just suddenly stop using MCT? Or will I start getting hungry easily? For how long a period of time would you suggest me using MCT?

Thanks in advance!



  • hmm...I think the point here is that BP is a lifestyle, not a diet. You want to maximize your performance, and this diet is a great way to do so. So do you need to continue eating MCT? No, not if you get to the weight you want and keep it off and you feel like you don't want or need it anymore. But should you continue to eat it? From all the relevant research out there, I'd say yes. It has *huge* health benefits other than weight loss (such as neuro-protective and anti-atherosclerotic). Me? I eat it every day, and probably will do so for the foreseeable future.

    In regards to getting hungry...yeah that might happen. But you can always 1) just suck it up, 2) eat a different type of calorie, or 3) eat a different type of fat.
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