Pre-Workout Salt?

Anybody ever take salt before training?  I tried it today, took 1 capsule of pink salt and drank a couple glasses of water about  half-hour prior to training.  Did one hour of grappling getting someone ready for an upcoming fight and i felt great:  great gas tank, felt strong, muscles didn't fatigue, and overall energy didn't go down the further into the rounds we got.


Will have to try it again to see if it was a coincidence or  not.  Wondering if anybody's ever tried this??


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    How much salt was in the capsule? I might try it for my next Judo session and report back :-D

  • I've added pink salt to my during w/o drink for the past 12months, mainly to prevent cramping.
  • I think the capsule size was 00 (same size capsule as 250mg of magnesium)

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    I'll try with 1/4 of a teaspoon and see how it goes. Thanks!

  • I'll try with 1/4 of a teaspoon and see how it goes. Thanks!

    How did it go?

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    Great question! I did do it but I forgot to report back! :oops:


    When I return to Judo I'll be sure to do it again.


    I have done the teaspoon of salt in the morning for a consecutive week. One thing I noticed was it reduced my food cravings even further. E.g. I usually have to tell myself off for having the urge to have potato chips, but with the salt it wasn't an issue. I guess the chips craving was my body telling me to have some salt.

  • 3-5g about a hour before training every morning. No issues to report here.


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  • heavy salt and potassium before training (and throughout the day; of non-coffee/tea/alcohol intake, i'm probably 50% water and 50% water with sodium+potassium).  I heard dave mention in a podcast (Rogan's podcast w/ dave) that he has saltwater before his BPC, so tried it, and have been doing 'saltwater' as part of my daily intake since.  Would give up coffee before giving up my saltwater!

  • I train early morning fasted MTB endurance riding 2 to 3 hrs sessions 3 to 4 times per week. Have been using a good pinch of quality Himalayan salt for about 3 months now. Just drink from standard cycling biddons/bottles during rides. Improved results in muscles during and post rides. Better than plain water and salt tablets, and not as damaging to body and as using quality sport drink carb additives. Have tried generic supermarket Himalayan salt and taste was too salty, same for normal salt. Quality fine ground Himalayan salt seems to be the key.

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