Starting My Big If Experiment

Greetings all! I am new here and this is a wonderful place - i can tell already! I come from a crazy past with lots of dieting (it always worked for me.. regardless of which diet as long as i stuck it out). So i am excited b/c i have a positive mental state to kick off this cool WOE. I can tell it is well researched and seems to make sense. I have done well on low carb (even self published a lc cookbook after college). I am a 5'4" woman 32 yo going through a divorce and lots of life changes! I was chubby on and off as a kid (lots of mental issues from that sadly) and then developed a eating disorder which hurt my body and actually made me gain weight. I was up to 170's in high school but wore it well if that makes sense? I guess b/c ive always been athletic body type. Low carbing brough me all the way down into 140's and then before my wedding and skipping dinner and working out a lot I went all the way down to 120's. I looked a little weird at that weight lol (a little bobble headish lol). I think a little curves are pretty on a woman rather then the really toned muscular look which personally I dont like for me. Toned with curves is what im after if that makes sense? I like my boobs lol.

So... fast forward 8 years since my wedding. Oh and for about a year I was a RAW VEGAN =/ until my hair became clear and even though for a while i looked and felt awesome (i now really do believe in the power of incorporating raw foods into my diet) I feel i was protein/EFA deficient and despite a few blood tests showing ok b12, i was low on D and think if i had more extensive testing I would have show thyroid and other problems. Add going through divorce to this mix as well as the stupid eating disorder resurfacing likely from the stress of dating etc. I ended up gaining a LOT! in a VERY short time. From the 140-150's (which i thought was high) to rapidly going up as high as 188!! :0 gotta love eating disorders... poor body/hormonal system gets thrown off so much! very scary. very DUMB and lazy on my part! I did a juice fast for 30 days, lost 20 lbs and then about 10 have since crept back. I am now struggling to lose a lb or two and its very disheartening to say the least. But mentally I am ok after realizing I also think my hormones need to balance and I have researched IF a LOT. after having done 30 days on just liquids (it was a great mental test to say the least) I know that fasting is for me, I prefer not to think about food as it just stresses me so much. I honestly sometimes wish i could be anorexic (lol joking) just so i dont have to think about food.

Phew .... so that brings me to today. I am starting at around 179lbs and again, since I wear it pretty well (most would likely think i weight in around 150's) but I know the truth and while it bugs me, all i really care about is being and looking healthy and really having a darn flat tummy! I could weight the same but if im toned and my tummys flat, id be a happy girl. A few perks about being a curvier gal is now i have some nice curves (i actually have a bootie lol and my boobs, lets say they are a bit too big for my liking but the dating scene begs to differ LOL).

Anyhow....that all being said!! I am beginning my experiment today and really am excited to be a success story! I know my current weight is just a temporary state, my body has always bounced back to the healthy zone once I focus on my health.

Today... i started my day off with coffee (i always felt pretty good on coffee but am going to order some organic brew). I am going to try to workout with my own body weight tonight (am actually looking forward to it) and I also enjoy my rebounder as its good for the joints/ low impact...

Now some q's:

- Is it best to workout prior to eating while im still in fasting state? I work all day and get home around 6pm, the earliest I can eat if I cook is 6:30ish. If I workout for abt an hour, the earliest i can eat is 7:30pm. Is this too late?

- Should I just be eating 1 meal on IF days at the end of the day?

- I want to kick some a$$! Can I IF daily? I can easily lose 10lbs in a week, my problem is I can also gain 10 lbs just as fast so i suppose my metabolism is still in tact despite all the abuse.

- Is there a limit on how much coffee during the fasting period once can consume?

- Does anyone moniter body temps or subscribe to that theory? Mine tend to be around 97-98 but not consistently over 98 so it will be interesting to moniter them during this IF experiment.

Im thrilled to be here. I needed to find this place today. I have a lot of hope image/icon_e_smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-)' /> Even though I am not a hardcore fitness finatic and just looking to tone up and get healthy, I hope I can make yall proud. image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />


  • Hey, Wow your story sounds pretty full on. Your body is also likely to be kinda confused. What is the weight that you have stayed at the longest? One that you didnt feel you had to restrict your diet or have eating disordered behaviour?

    Dave has said fasting is okay for women, but only with bulletproof coffee in the morning and then having a meal or two later. The coffee is bulletproof coffee with 30g or so of butter (he uses 80g but thats a bit much for someone who is losing weight) and also 30g or so of MCTs or coconut oil. These fats prevent your body from going into a starvation mode and giving you those awful cravings that lead to eating bad food and gaining weight. Are you going to eat bulletproof food? Or just do intermittent fasting?

    Your hormonal system is likely out of whack. I would have your thyroid tested. TSH, T4, and T3. Just to make sure. You say you struggled to lose weight for a little while ? how many calories have you eaten when you have dieted before?

    The amount of coffee you can have is dependent on your tolerance. I wouldnt have too much. Try two cups daily max. Otherwise you might not sleep very well!

    Some people like to measure not just body temp but ketones too. Its not always to best determinant, but if you think it will help you monitor how your physiology is reacting to this then give it a go.

    The IF protocol involves a period of hours where you can eat food. 4-6 hours where you can eat food. Dont go mad and eat everything. One or two meals should be okay but make sure you have good fat on your food. grass fed butter, coconut oil. Nice grass fed beef. Eggs. vegetables. Sweet potato maybe a couple days of the week or at least one day a week.

    Working out is good before your meal, but make it short. And not every day. Do bodyweight exercise, but intense. If you use your stepper, make it intervals. dont go over 20min total. That will stress your body out and you will hold onto the fat.

    Best of luck,

  • PaigePaige BPIF
    I have lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. Here's what I did:

    20 oz. of coffee w 1tsp MCT, and 3 TBS butter upon waking. THen eat bulletproof from about 2pm - 8 pm. I cheated a couple days when on vacation, but still lost weight overall.
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