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  • I have also heard lots of conflicting info regarding coffee storage ... here is some info from a master roaster site "Some people store their coffee in the freezer thinking it is going to keep the coffee fresh. Here are a couple of reasons why storing coffee in your freezer is a bad idea:

    Coffee is porous. This is a good thing for fans of flavored coffee as the beans absorb the coffee flavoring syrups and oils that are used to make flavored coffee. However, if given the chance, coffee can also absorb other things like the flavor of seafood or the moisture that your freezer produces. This moisture will in turn deteriorate the coffee and even make it taste like, well... like a freezer.

    When coffee is roasted, the beans release their oils and essences to give the coffee its distinct flavor. You'll notice these oils are more prominent on dark-roasted coffee and espresso. When you break down these oils by freezing, you are removing the flavor.

    Think about it...if coffee tasted better and fresher from the freezer, then you would buy it in the frozen food section, your local coffee shop might look more like an ice cream parlor, and our power bills would be through the roof trying to maintain a meat-locker the size of a warehouse."

    site link is
  • Yeah, coffee is pretty complex in how it reacts with stuff after it is roasted. That's the key, once it's roasted it's the roasting that causes it to continue to release CO2 and it's constantly changing chemically. Some people can taste the difference in the coffee from day 2 to day 3 after roasting for example. They say day 4 after roasting is when coffee tastes the best.

    Greg, the thing with putting it in the refrigerator has to do with moisture as coffee will absorb the moisture. I'm guessing some moisture could still get into the vacuum sealed coffee but not positive.

    Sean, I actually think it would be better to just put the vacuum sealed beans into a dark, cool (room temp) cabinet since light, moisture and air are what affect coffee the most. If it explodes then you know vacuum sealing won't work. But you might be ok since it will spend a couple days being shipped to you after it's roasted so the amount of CO2 being emitted might be minimal. Give it a try and let me know how it turns out.

    As far as taste, I am loving the BP coffee. No BS, it's definitely one of the best coffee's I've ever had. And being a black coffee drinker, I still can't believe how good it is with butter. It's like drinking happiness.
  • I definitely agree with Tim, this is some of the best coffee I have had. And with the butter, mct oil, and coconut oil, it's so delicious. I see now why I didn't like mainstream coffee.

    Did not realize the freezer thing you guys mention. Not sure if I have an alternative though, don't have a vacuum sealer at this point, so I guess I am just going to keep with the freezer thing. Although, I haven't noticed any difference, and have had a 5lb bag of upgraded coffee since before christmas in the freezer, so maybe I shouldn't worry about it.
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