Bulletproofing For The Lean Man And Wanting To Gain

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Im wanting to clean up my diet alot and feel I've made good steps thanks to this forum and the advice given from some of you in other topics but i still have questions..

Im 34 6'2 and 155 pounds. Ideally id like to gain weight and muscle while being bullet proof and wondered what you'd suggest, either foods or supplements.

I've heard that some people will gain better than other due to genetics and i wonder could i hack this in myself.

Also mct oil sound a great produce for energy and health but should i use it as some say its for weight lose.

Thanks alot


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    If you want to gain muscle, and keep in mind i'm not a doctor or trained personal trainer, i'd suggest:

    - Lifting heavy (High weight, low rep i.e 5x5 Deadlift @65-80% of your 1RM), weighted dips/pull ups work great to. I don't mean heavy curls, I mean heavy complex exercises (Cleans, Bench, Squats, Jerks, Row etc)

    - Sprint instead of ruthless cardio

    - Finding out your daily caloric needs, and always eating around 500kcals over. Keep a log.

    - Creatine and upping your water intake is an easy 5lbs of weight


    That's simple stuff that should get you going in the right direction. 

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