Water Retention

Hello all

I have been following the bulletproof diet for a month and my bodyfat is quite low (around 10%). However, I seem to get a lot of water retention, generally around my lower abdomen, lower back and my sides.

Does anyone have any tips on how to reduce water retention?

I know that (ironically) it is important to drink a lot of water to manage water retention. I generally drink 2 - 2.5 litres of water throughout the day, as well as a bulletproof coffee and maybe 4 cups of green tea.

Any ideas greatly received.


  • Do you have a lot of sodium intake? Ive done some experiments on myself and have found that if I stay isocaloric on two different days, but i have less sodium on one, I will be lighter and be less fluidy that day. If i increase sodium again then its higher.

    Also, whats your carbohydrate intake like? Because with carbohydrates comes water molecules..

    Have you had your kidneys tested recently? Kidneys are important with water excretion/retention..

    Good luck,

  • I found that minor food intolerances cause me to retain water. Black tea does it for me. If I have some at night, my fingers are like sausages the next morning.
  • This thread pulled up in a search I did, as I have the same question.


    My condition is almost identical to the original post, and despite being relatively low bodyfat at around 11 or 12%, I often feel like I'm walking around with a tub of water or jelly around my stomach, and I can't seem to drop it to actually feel leaned out.


    I drink a ton of water after having a bout with kidney stones 7 months ago - usually 100 oz or more. I know sodium is a major culprit of water retention, though Dave advocates consuming a ton of sodium, to which I comply, including the teaspoon of salt in water each morning to ease the adrenals (which were pretty heavily fatigued a couple months ago, though the situation has been decently reversed now).


    My weight fluctuates drastically throughout the day, and the only way I can get a decent measurement of my actual body weight is to reach at least 20-22 hours of fasting, and not drink anything for at least 3 hours - at which point I'm usually 2-3 pounds lighter than my usual 'lowest measurement' of any given day when I'm not actually trying to dehydrate myself.


    Is this normal? Is there anything that could mitigate this feeling of abdominal water retention while still consuming sodium, or is it basically an inevitable result of the BP diet + high sodium intake?

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