Please Help,been Living With Liver Pain For More Than A Year.liver Flush Protocols?

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Hi, hope im posting this in the right section of this forum.


I hope some one here can suggest a liver flush protocol that does NOT involve having to use Epsom Salts.


O.K. let me start at the beginning. About 2 years ago I started to get this very intense pain attacks that would usually occur early in the morning. The pain would start in my lower right side of belly and quickly start to move to under my ribs. The pain was unimaginable. luckily I discovered quickly eating some food followed by ALOT of water downed quickly, like 1 litre, would usually make the pain go away..usually within 30 seconds!! sometimes if I wait to long before getting to the kitchen to get food, after I eat food the pain takes longer to go 5 minutes or more and also Im left with a sore side belly. Any I went for a scan and they discovered gallstones. From day 1 I always asked the doctors, 'But what actually caused the stones??' they would gflat out say they dont know.

From all the reading ive done online, my conclusion is that not enough bile was flowing to break down fats and so eventually stones formed in my gallbladder.


My gallbladder was removed nearly 2 years ago and everyday since then my pain has continued with pain attacks occuring every morning and late at night. sometimes during the day. Ive had to stop eating things like cheese or fried food because this cause a great amount of pain that even eating food seems to hardly help get rid of.

If I eat just a few flakes of cheese with pasta for instance I will feel that dull pain start in my belly about 15minutes after eating. ANd I will then be eating brown bread every 20minutes for the rest of the night in an attempt to stop the dull pain from increasing.


In the past Ive done some research on Liver flush protocols but could never find one that excludes the use of Epsom Salts, well I found some, But I was not convinced how safe they are to try because they was no source for the protocols just people saying `this is what I did`. So Ive been putting off the liver flush, but now my worry is that my ducts are probably inflammed constantly because of the sludge or non calcified stones in my liver which could lead to liver failure eventually???? :( Im really worried.


A few months back I heard a natural doctor saying on a radio program 1 teaspoon of olive oil and 1 teaspoon lemon juice taken 3 times a day for 5 days(If I remember correctly)

will restore proper bile flow. So I tried it for 3 days but ran out of lemon juice and just never got around to completing the protocol.

Im wondering though shouldnt I first flush my liver before getting the bile to flow properly, otherwise dont I risk causing the bile to get stuck and build up inside my liver creating more problems :(


Im going for some more blood tests soon to make sure my liver is ok, i was wondering are there any specific liver tests I must ask them to perform to make sure my ducts are not inflammed and liver is ok. The last tests they did more than a year said I was fine. Though I cant understand how can my liver apparently be fine when I have extreme pain originating from that area on a daily basis. WHich made me wonder if I should actually be asking for them to run a specific type of blood test for my liver..


So yes If anyone can give me some advice on a excellent SAFE liver flush protocol and/or offer some insight on how to restore bile flow again that would be great.

Ive been thinking maybe I should concult a nutritionist for guidence on the liver flush protocol but not sure if they are the person to speak to about liver flushes? or are they just very knowable about vitamins only?


Thankyou so much for any help you can give, I really appreciate it! :)


  • I have a book titled "Are You 'Stoned'?" by Claude M. Lewis.  It describes a version of the liver flush which does not use epsom salts.  I have done it once, and years ago I did the epsom salt version.  See if you can Google this and get the details, otherwise I will see if I can type something up.

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    well I found a site that lists a recipe from the book, and was immediatly put off trying after reading what the webmaster posted..

    Webmaster WARNING:

    This recipe is included here for information purposes only!

    This recipe is rather extreme, because the amount of oil is EXTREME  (2 cups), and the amount of juice to be taken in a short period of time is also extreme!

     If you are new to liver cleansing, I urge you to first try Hulda Clark's recipe, which is very potent, but all you need is 1/2 cup of olive oil.

    If you are liver cleansing veteran, and you like to explore your limits, then this cleansing recipe may just be the right for you to try!

    You may get very sick after consuming 2 cups of olive oil.

    1/2 cup or up to a 1 cup of oil happened to be more then enough for most people!

    You have been warned!


    So yeah thanks but no thanks, I think the amount of oil consumption suggested in this recipe sounds very unsafe..

  • Yes, with your condition I think it's wise to be extra cautious.


    OTOH you could just take the recipe and scale it back by, say, 4x (use half cup oil instead of 2) and see how your body reacts.


    Just a thought -- best of luck!



  • Thanks, I appreciate your help but I would feel more comfortable following a protocol that is vouched for by a trained nutritionist or natural doctor(No idea what their called).

  • I came across this site also talking about a liver/gall bladder flush. It might help ease some of the symptoms before attempting the grapefrtuit/epsom salts one.


  • I've done the Moritz cleanse that uses Epsom salts and so have a couple of my friends. A remarkable, sometimes shocking, amount of solid matter can be released. There a book written by Moritz that has a lot of photographs of hard, stone like matter that people have expelled. It does shake the system up. The morning after is spent going to the bathroom and personally I felt weak afterwards because there was a lot going on physically. If you do go that route, remember to drink water the morning after and let it be ok to just lounge around the house. Sometimes the first cleanse will just loosen things up and a subsequent cleanse(s) would be necessary for the real release of toxins. 

  • Look into a product called Essential Forte it has been shown to reverse Cirrhosis.
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    If I eat just a few flakes of cheese with pasta for instance I will feel that dull pain start in my belly about 15minutes after eating. ANd I will then be eating brown bread every 20minutes for the rest of the night in an attempt to stop the dull pain from increasing."




    Jim, I'm really concerned about your post here.  Apparently you are unaware that a common side effect of eating any gluten containing product can be liver failure and liver cancer.  It takes years of eating gluten to get to this point. Liver enzyme tests show that the liver cells are being killed off faster than they are being replaced for about 1/3 of the population due to gluten consumption.  This is known as nonalcoholic cirrhosis in the earlier stages.  


    I recently attended an e-conference on line where the scientists and medical university profs spoke.  Although most doctors are way behind in understanding and keeping up with research on most topics, the facts are very clear and undisputable.  So, if your doctor is unaware of this, keep looking until you find a knowledgable professional.... or just QUIT ALL gluten foods immediately. 


    Sounds like you part of the 1/3 of humans who have non-celiac gluten intolerance.  One of the main purposes of the bulletproof diet is to steer you away from all grains, especially those containing gluten (rye, spelt, wheat, triticale, barley, and bulgur).  Even foods labeled 'gluten free' contain 20 parts/million in the USA.  This small percentage is enough to trigger autoimmune responses, in an already sensitive individual, which can result in liver destruction and scarring.

  • Interestingly, since your gallbladder has been removed did anyone ever tell you that you WILL need assistance with digestion of fat for the rest of your life.  Not having a gallbladder is like washing greasy dishes in cold water with no soap.  Lipase would be the enzyme of choice and you can request a prescription for it.  Don't leave home without it.  What's worse, is that the undigested fat will lead to all kinds of bowel problems like diverticulitis or diverticulosis.  

  • Thanks, I appreciate your help but I would feel more comfortable following a protocol that is vouched for by a trained nutritionist or natural doctor(No idea what their called).


    Following the BP protocol does in fact cleanse the liver without even thinking too much about it.  Intermittent fasting will accomplish this without having to buy a bunch of unnecessary products.  Try that first before your pockets get drained going the "natural route".   Simple herbs like Milk Thistle, Turmeric and Dandelion work wonders for the liver. 

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