Oh No, Please Tell Me He Didn't Just Do That...

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Ok, so I have heard this guys stuff plastered all over this board so thought I would check him out.

4 minutes into the video he does the dreaded, "now your strong, now you are not!'" technique.

I just have to shake my head as I have had so many, hmmm, whats a nice way to put it...quacks in health food stores try this on me.

Bothers me to no end.

You know where they make you hold out your arm and then pull it down, insinuating that it was "no problem". Then they hold up a supplement to your chest that they are trying to sell you and like magic they can no longer pull your arm down!

Just have to shake my head.

Maybe there is something to this guy but this was definitely not the best introduction of his material for me.

To clarify, I am pointing out how applying fake strength and then actual strength at opportune times in a demonstration in order to make a sale is painful to watch.


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  • The difference is Kelly is demonstrating that proper positioning creates strength.  He is not saying you need a supplement, a magic crystal, or ferry dust.  His techniques have improved my weight lifting, bjj, kick boxing, cycling and helped relieve a lot of nagging injuries.  I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss his work.

  • I can suspend overall judgement on his philosophy for now, however I know for a fact, foregoing any extreme circumstances it does not matter at what angle my head is held within reason, that it will not affect my capacity for force output in the mechanical action of extending my forearm away from my bicep.

    At best, this example is weak.

    Will delve further into his material for redeeming content.

    And yes, I agree proper positioning can indeed have a direct influence on strength in certain circumstances. However, it would be relative to the system of mechanics at play. The action of extending the forearm from the bicep has no relation to the mechanics of the head.

    At most, when he brings the assistants head up, the loss of strength in the arm would be due to a lack of maintaining focus on continual force output at the prescribed location.

    I mean really, do you think because I am looking up or sideways I am going to lose any significant amount of grip strength?

    When I picture myself about do do an all out feat of strength on a grip test, I do not see my head being straight, in fact I would most likely tuck my chin "in" slightly.

    As for you assuming that I indeed thought he was suggesting that you need magic supplements or fairy dust, my critique must have got lost in translation. I did not mean to allude to that at all. My main point is watch him "pretend" to actually try and bend that guys arm...come on...do you really think he's trying his hardest to bend his arm?...like really?, lol

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  • What's great is the look on the guys face after he does it...it's like, "bro, you gotta be facking kidding me".


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  • Listening to him even more, it has less to do with direct mechanical function, rather how information is interpreted.

    Fear, danger, etc and how THAT affects ones strength/capacity.

    Do I agree?

    To a point.

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    Sometimes you need to show exaggeration to get the completely daft to achieve an understanding of a basic concept.

    Or to get the naive to reach into their pocket.

    The guy is slick, I'll give him that.

    The info seems to be 10% common sense content and 90% razzlebedazzle with a shiny cover.

    As for the function of the body it is not that complicated, in fact it's down right elegant.

    Practice good posture and pay attention to your body, wow, who would have thunk it.

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  • Not sure what the issue is, this is just the "Tony Blauer" test. Kelly Starrett, previously, and his book, directly "credits" Blauer for this.


    It just demonstrates, in an easy to understand manner, that certain positions are stronger and more stable than others. 


    You should give the test a try, but don't get hung up on it.


    As others have pointed out, Starrett knows his stuff. Better to give his mobwods a try some time.

    Reigning Former Inner Balance "Mad Monk" Champion... :-P 

  • from my own perspective, and maybe I have no common sense or something - but I have found the stuff in his book extremely useful. The detail that is outlined for movements and working on parts of the body is great - I have mainly been focusing on the stretching/smashing etc. section, but this stuff is much more effective than anything I have been told/seen on the interwebs before. Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough. I mainly look at cute cat videos and honey badgers.

    Again, not a pro athlete - but maybe this is what non-pro people like me need to read to realize that when your quads are so stiff they give concrete a run for its money you need to work on them a bit.

    Guys I have been doing judo with/other regular exercisers who are much better/more experienced athletes than I ever will be are digging all this stuff as well and keen to check out more after I show them a couple of techniques from the book.

    This being said I haven't watched any of the videos, just heard a few podcasts and read the book, so I am not fully informed.
  • HazakinsHazakins Graveyard shift putting me in the Grave!

    Yeah Im a fan of K Star. I haven't paid him anything yet. Only used his free youtube videos that have really helped me with my knees and front rack. He is quite the sarcastic character as you notice after a few videos.

    He really does not have many products he is trying to sell. I book and a few other things but has given us hundred of hours of video for free that have helped many.


    I hope to get his book soon and I want to order some of his voodoo floss(he even put a video out on how to make these with bicycle inter tubes)

    Trying to get a grasp on Ketosis? Watch this!

  • Full disclosure:  I bought his book, but only after watching hundreds of mobility videos.  The book is a coffee table piece that friends can look at and fix some of their problems with my mobility tool kit...


    Kettlebells, jump strech bands, voodoo floss bands, lacross balls, theracane, foam roller...


    The voodoo floss bands are miracle workers if you lack internal rotation.

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    Reach into their pocket for what? To pull out the web address to the several hundred (close to 500) videos on repairing damaged tissue, reestablishing range of motion, and establishing root cause? His book is nice because its sequential and easy to reference to without going to the free site constantly, though it remains an option. You really don't know what you're talking about I'm afraid. You think it's easy and common sence but I guarantee there are several things you need to work on that you weren't aware of.

    Jesus Christ Miller.

    No doubt in my mind I am sure he has something worthwhile to say somewhere.

    When your done having Kellys balls bounce off your chin, take note that I am reffering to the specific reference I pointed out in my original post, not his entire philosophy.

    I listened to part of his pod cast last night and does indeed have some interesting points and has obviously impacted many in a positive way.

    However, that example I pointed out was, and still is piss poor, period.

    And yeah, I still find his sales technique funny to watch, despite the fact you think he's not trying to sell anything.

    It's the business world of today. you HAVE to give away free content to make it.

    Say hi to Kelly for me!

    Holy shit I'm awesome.

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