Does B-12 Needs To Be Taken Sub-Ligually Or Injected To Actually Work?

I started taking 3000mcg B-12 sub-lingual lozenges (cyanocobalmin) and 800mcg Folate pills (folinic acid) together in the morning based on this article. I noticed a big surge in energy in the afternoon, but taking the B-12 lozenge under the tongue was a little annoying so after a few days I started just swallowing it along with the Folate. After that change I haven't gotten the energy boost anymore. Two questions: Does B-12 normally need to be taken under the tongue (or injected) to work? The two supplements are supposed to be taken together to prevent brain damage, so is it OK that the Folate is a pill and thus will take a bit longer to enter my blood stream? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi, I have recently started taking B-12 with folate, and it has cured my insomnia. B-12 injections do work (if you get the right type) but lozenges are very effective. I don't know whether folate is effective or not as a pill, but I take liquid Folate by Designs For Health. It is recommended by Chris Kresser, plus it tastes really nice.
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    Given what you have experienced, you might look into the Vitamin-B transdermal patches from Ageforce that have a variety of Vitamin B forms including B12 as 5 mgs. of the reportedly bioavailable (and expensive) Hydroxycobalamine. You can find a $15 / month auto-ship option by using the banner ad at the top of (my favorite podcast although I certainly enjoy Dave's). You can also find a link there to last Thursday's show in which these patches were discussed. It was said during the show that this offer would be available for a limited time - possible ending today (Saturday).

    I hope Dave and crew do not mind me mentioning these patches and this offer. It sounds to me like a terrific, performance-enhancing product. I also have blood test evidence that the company produces legitimate products.

    I would enjoy hearing Dave's thoughts about the future of transdermal supplementation. Ageforce claims the patches are of a similar effectiveness as injections. I'm very curious to see what happens as transdermal and lipoceutical delivery systems evolve.
  • I forgot to say that the patches also include folate (as the supposedly superior methylfolate), which you mentioned as important to take with B-12.
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