Tension Headaches And Bulletproof Pain Remedies



Within the past week I have suffered from instant headaches which have been generated from either a heavy lifts or WODs in crossfit. For example i was finishing a WOD last Wednesday, and i deadlifted 275 10 times (unbroken) and by rep 8 i felt a strain in the back of my head/ neck. It created an instant headache and i iced if for about 20 minutes until the throbbing decreased. Im not much for taking days off so i have been going to crossfit ever since and on some workouts i am fine but others create "tension" in my neck and a headache follows. I am wondering what can be done to fix this issue. Could it be that im eating bulletproof; which is really clean? or maybe im taking to many suppliments (basic sups from the fat loss protocol section. Any info would help. Thank you for your time fellow bulletproof peeps! 


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