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    Is 11.0 the highest so far?


    Am I the Reigning Inner Balance "Mad Monk" Champion...:wink:


    maybe my inner balance is like the spinal tap amp!



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    nah, you're now the bad buddha... :-P


    hrv coherence is firstly concerned with pattern of hrv (a "coherent" sine wave) and then the amount of hrv

    sweetbeat seems like it is mainly concerned with amount of hrv (without any regard to the pattern)?


    I would still expect a correlation...maybe...unless you listen to spinal tap... I guess

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  • so has anyone gone over 11.0?


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  • Alan, was saying the highest possible score is 16. I saw an add for IB once that showed 11.4...but I think we starting to push its limits...

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  • It was a shock to see 11.0, don't think I'll be in the teens for a while ;-)


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  • 11 is great! Highest we've seen yet on this thread. And how perfect was that clip, too funny.
  • I've been using the IB on my morning drive in, usually during the rural mindless part of my drive. Today I put it on earlier, driving the major highways. What's amazing to me, was that there was a cop behind me the last 5 mins and I didn't lose coherence, what a great feeling, and no, I didn't get pulled over.
  • hehe..if only everyone drove like you baba...


    not a bad hack for road rage?


    I finally cracked an 80 on level 4, but can't match you and kato  :-P



    Reigning Former Inner Balance "Mad Monk" Champion... :-P 

  • I'm still a Level 3er :-(


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  • Wouldn't that be great, no more alcohol/drug testing, just if you can pass a coherence test before you got behind the wheel, LOL.  Think how much society could evolve!  Great score, I haven't been able to go above 61 for a while now, that 87 was when I wasn't working so much, I had scheduled 4 days off for myself that week. 


    Level 3, with a high peaking at 11, doing something right.  :cool:

  • Baba YagaBaba Yaga
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  • I use my desktop emwave for 20 minutes on HIGH, which is the 3rd of the 4 possible levels.


    My session with the most time spent in GREEN was 90%


    My session with the longest single duration of GREEN was 12 minutes. Woo! : )

  • PS

    Looking at your screengrabs, seems like your newfangled mobile versions don't tell you your longest single duration of coherence for each session??

  • Woohoooo! Nice. :D

    I've been wondering about the desktop version, if level 3 is high, then what is level 4 called? Can you post screen shots? The In ner Balance shows a graph with your coherence range, but no length of time noted.

    Keyboard is dyi g, doesn't like "n's" anymore. :(. Time for a ew pho e.
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    I just tried to post a screengrab, but it won't work for me. I have not been able to post images here for at about a month. I can email it to you if you want - message me?


    Here are the names of the levels in the desktop version:






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