What Is The Cause Of This Reaction?

I've been reading other posts about some detox-type reactions people have to bpc but I didn't see an answer to my question. I apologize if it was covered somewhere and I missed it.


So my first day using it, I was fine until the afternoon, then got hit with some pretty bad nausea and stomach cramping. That lasted an hour, and then I was fine. So I cut my dose down (I'm using brain oil instead of mct oil because of availability) and it's been much better, just a bit unsettled in the intestines but nothing disruptive.


Today I decided I wanted to have a bit more bpc coffee during the day to replace my other cups at work. Normally I have a cup first thing in the morning and then a cup after lunch. So I made some, put it in a thermos and brought it in. Had a small cup around 11 (my 2nd of the day), then another around 2pm. Now at 5pm I'm feeling a bit detoxy, a light headache, a little woozy, the typical stuff.


My assumption is it's the brain oil and I've just given my system a bit more than it's ready to gracefully process. No problem. My question is this: is what I'm feeling simply an intrinsic reaction to too much brain oil and the body simply needs to adapt to this substance in some regard, or is this an actual detox reaction, as in the oil is helping the body release fat that has toxins in it and what I'm feeling is from THAT, not really from the oil directly?


If it's the former, then yeah, just gotta acclimate to this new substance. If it's the latter, perhaps I take some activated charcoal or betonite or zeolite to assist in capturing and out-processing the toxins. I really don't want toxic stuff liberated and then floating around causing havoc as it leaves the body.


I hope the question makes some measure of sense.


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