Can You Drink The Coffee Too Fast?

Hey everyone


I've been on the BP diet for approximately 6 months now. Lately, I've been very consistent and I'm feeling fucking awesome 99% of the day. However, I've now twice experienced an adverse reaction to my coffee consumption in the form of 15-30 seconds of violent vomiting 3-5 minutes after downing my coffee here at work. I take a lipase/beta HCL supplement to assist with digestion and it's actually generally removed all of my nausea.


It literally just happened to me again about an hour ago after drink a cup of BP beans with 50g of danish butter (which is not 100% grass-fed, and not comparable to Kerry, but it's close here in the summer).


The only explanations I can come up with are:

- Either the quality of the butter is not up to par and my body is rejecting the rapid intake of it.

- Or it is simply the fact that I drank a full cup with 10-15 minutes.


Has anyone experienced anything similar on a day where time was of the essence?


Oh and by the way, the first time it happened I had 50g of Ghee in the coffee made from the same danish butter. Right now, I feel great again. No issues at all. No headaches, no stomachaches, no nausea. I'm just really curious to find out if I have to dial down how fast I drink the coffee.


Oh, and I didn't change any of the supplements I take in the morning. And like I said, I take them everyday at home, everyday at work and usually without any issues at all. The only thing that varies is how fast I down it all.


Thanks in advance for any advice given!


Have a Bulletproof day all of you!


P.S. I'm off to clean up my mess at work! No, I didn't succeed in holding it in till I reached the toilet :D


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