Coconut Oil & Mtc?

I'm finally getting my shipment of MTC oil today :-P


For the past two weeks, I've been using butter and coconut oil.  I'm up to a Tbsp of the coconut oil - it's been a very slow build up to prevent too many stomach problems; and I'm still working toward 2 Tbsp.  I'm doing this because of the antibacterial/antifungal properties of the oil (and I'm also in the midst of a massive systemic cleanse) and really don't want to stop when I start adding the MTC oil.


Does anyone here use butter, MTC and coconut oil in their coffee?  And if you do, does anything bother you in it?


  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress

    There's no reason why you couldn't as long as you can get past the consistency.


    Coconut has Lauric acid which is not in MCT oil so you should consume coconut oil anyway. Why not in your BPC?

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