Taking A While To Ramp Up On Mct Oil, Normal Or A Problem?

I've been doing BPC for about a month now and am loving it. I'm getting a lot of the standard benefits others mention: losing fat, increasing energy, etc...


I had to back off to 1 teaspoon of MCT oil in my coffee to avoid bowel issues. After a month, I'm "up" to only about 1.25 teaspoons.  Any more than that and I still get issues. Now I have a total of about 3-4 teaspoons cumulatively through the day. I have the 1.25 or so in my morning coffee, then I make another cup, dilute it into two cups along with butter and another 1.25 teaspoons of MCT oil and put it in a thermos and sip it between 11-2 at work. Then I put another 1.25 teaspoons in my evening drink (Natural Calm along with some other stuff). But I can't tolerate any more than that right now.


So a few questions. First, is this an abnormal adaptation curve? Second, does the fact I've been unable to ramp up beyond this so far indicate any kind of a metabolic issue? Or should I just be patient and if this is as far as I can go with it, that's fine?


Just looking for a bit of additional perspective on this, thanks.


  • Took me a few weeks to get to 2tsp worth, but even now I feel it some morning like I used to, not sure if it relates to what I ate the day before and what's still lining my gut. How long have you been on 1.25tsp?


    There's a few very knowledgeable people on here who throw in my useful stuff than me. I got up to 30ml (2tsp) each morning and haven't really tried to put any more in my one mug per day of BPC.


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  • I started on 2 tbsps and never backed down.  It made for some discomfort at first but once I learned to drink slowly and started using a thermal mug it got a whole lot easier.  I felt the mug was key as cold coffee sucks and I was forced to drink fast as it was cooling too fast.  The only ease into it was I was using coconut oil at first maybe for a month.  

  • probably not too much benefit from making yourself sick, assuming you mean tbsps.... if u can only tolerate 1.25 tsps maybe u do have an issue. i started @ 1 tbsp got some really bad cramping like 2 hours after ingestion(more so if i layed down) decided to cut back to .5 tbsp when the symptoms did not go away after a week, then slowly inched back up to 1 tbsp(by small fractions @ a time) and now no discomfort.

  • katolotus, I've been on 1.25 teaspoons for maybe a couple of weeks. No issues there. Was thinking this weekend I'd bump it up to 1.5 teaspoons and see how I tolerate that.


    And the recommended approach above about just gut it out, literally? Um, no.

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