Thoughts On New Bulletproof Coffee Bags?

Hello everyone im new to the forum and wanted to know how everyone feels about the new Bulletproof coffee bags. I know Dave invests a lot of time and research on having the best products available, right down to the packaging, so are these new bags, that carry our precious coffee beans, still "Bulletproof?" I have included couple photos of both the old bag and new bag. (Sorry for the crappy quality) One change I noticed was the quality of the one-way air valve.

Thanks for any comments or feedback. I love all the content in this forum and the members are the best!


  • What's the question here? Is packaging used for upgraded coffee bulletproof? That seems to be the question!


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    So there´s no more valve on the new bags or what?

  • Eating bags is not bulletproof.




    Actually, adding about 1 square inch of the bag to your blender could drastically increase your squeefo-squalines and balderdash levels. Some other preliminary research done by vocational high school dropouts has even shown that the materials used in the BP coffee bags has been shown to double penis size and tighten vaginas in lab rats, but the bag vitamins are fat-soluble, so make sure that the bag pieces goe in the blender with your BP coffee, and that you don't just walk around chewing on the bag like a total fucking noob. That would be stupid.

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  • Actually I agree with the OP.  The bags have room for improvement.  If anyone else has used TONX (subscription based coffee) you'll know what I mean.  They use a bag with a ziplock-lock seal at the top that is awesome.  The coffee beans should really not be exposed to air to much so a re-sealable bag would be a great addition to the BP coffee beans.

  • Tonx is awesome, and I'm not just saying that because he lives in my neighborhood, I am also a subscriber!

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