Darker Bp Coffee Please, Dave...

Hi Dave,

I have been a fan of your Blog for a while and have listened to and read most everything posted to date.  My wife and I are both drinking BP type coffee (MCT oil, GF Butter, coconut oil-cause we like the taste, and single origin, organic coffee) and decided to buy some of your BP Coffee beans.  I have to say, they smell great, but no matter how I grid them or how I brew them (not needing a lesson since I have tried all the ways posted), it still is a very weak tasking cup of coffee.  When starting with a medium blend, rich, full of flavor coffee and going to BP Coffee Beans, the difference is very watered down.  Even with the MCT, Butter etc, the watered down coffee taste is still there.  I have to make my coffee with half BP Coffee beans and half French roast or some other Medium blend.  We would buy BP Coffee Beans if you made available a darker roast.  Until then, my wife will not buy anymore. 


We bought the Decaf as well and it seems to be a bit bolder tasting coffee than the original, but still a very light taste.


Since you went from not recommending Deaf coffee to now selling your brand of it, can you also make an exception for consumer happiness J, and make some darker & or French roast coffee (noting it's not as bulletproof as the original)?  We would be very happy if you did. 


We just watched an Interview you did and you mentioned possibly opening up a couple BP Coffee Shops in Sa Francisco or Bay Area, don’t remember which you said.  If this is true, I don’t see how it wouldn't make good business sense to meet more customer requests of darker coffee, a broader variety, less bulletproof none the less.  I’m OK with that. 


The coffee we consume doesn’t give us headaches or have to go… right away or any other side effects coffee that has too much micotoxins may have.  Is it as BP as yours?  That’s not the point.  Some have said, “…just take your medicine”.  Well, I LIKE Coffee and I want my COFFEE to taste good, not just OK or watered down.


If you, Dave, do read this post, thanks for taking the time.  You do provide a ton of really great advice, research and resources that are very helpful.





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