Kopi Luwak Scat Coffee

Am I gullible or is this actually real? I've heard of back to the land but this takes the cake, er gluten free rice cake ;)




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    I've tried it, it's nothing special. You have to be a real coffee snob to notice any difference in taste.
  • Thanks everyone. I found these two other articles after I posted.



    Sounds like the stuff is not just disgusting, but it is cruelty to the extreme to the animals involved. Basically it's factory farms.

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    Its one of those "traditional" things that have been turned into a commercial operation. Its not even for a reasonable purpose, e.g. you could possibly justify CAFO beef feedlots as making food more available to people. But this kind of thing is just for a gimmick. I would say almost none of the people who consume this coffee would be able to tell the difference compared to regular coffee. Totally pointless!

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    Hey guys, I have a doubt, kindly make it clear. Can a vegan drink Kopi Luwak?

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    Seriously??? If you are a vegan because it's trendy not to eat animal sourced stuff, then go ahead. :roll: :angry:


    But if you are a vegan because you disapprove animal suffering, read the articles linked by bigduckk and alan above and I don't think this will be a question for you anymore.


    I'm far from a vegan but wouldn't touch things like this and wouldn't give them even the tiniest support.

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  • To be fair that company originally listed states they only harvest from wild animals. http://animalcoffee.com/farming.php

    Guess if you really wanted to be able to say you've tried it, go for it. Just know your source. If you want to take that site at their word. They appear to be a more ethical place to order from.


    For the past five to six years, since kopi luwak has become more prominent in the media, there has been a huge increase in the availability of what is supposedly kopi luwak. Obviously it is not physically possible to obtain kopi luwak in the quantities demanded so it is becoming increasingly common for coffee farmers to cage and 'farm' luwaks which raises two major issues:

    Ethically, keeping luwaks in small cages and forcing them to survive on a diet of coffee cherries is wrong and ultimately not sustainable. Luwaks require a varied diet, as do most animals, and their health will eventually deteriorate under such conditions.

    A major reason for the quality of kopi luwak is that the luwak doesn't eat all the coffee cherries available, it selects some, presumably the ripest (tastiest?) to consume while leaving the vast majority uneaten on the plant. By feeding the luwak coffee cherries this selection process is bypassed resulting in kopi luwak of inferior quality.
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