Heart Rate Increase. Too Much Fat? Or Toxin.

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I just ate 2 poached eggs, a cup of steamed broccoli, 5 slices of cooked Applegate uncured bacon and a small avocado. Right now I am having heart palpitation and I can feel my left arm pulsing. My regular heart rate is around 72 bpm and after i ate it went to 90 bpm. Is it from eating too much fat (the bacon was pretty fatty)? I use a Nuwave oven and cooked it at level 4 for like 20 min. I usually like my bacon extra crispy but I avoided that this time. It got slightly browned at the fatty edges because I am not sure how long I am supposed to cook it for. Anyway...maybe it is too fatty for me...


I am 5'0" and weigh 105 lb., female.  Is it too much fat in one sitting for someone my size? Too much sodium? Anyone ever have this experience?


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