The Best Bulletproof Shake

I'm on the quest to put together a delicious homeade shake. I've been trying to do it with upgraded whey, collagen, glutamine, chocolate powder, raw egg yolks, MCT Oil, and honey, but I have so far been unsuccessful. The only way I can get the ingredients to mix well is replace the honey with a scoop of ON chocolate protein powder. Something in it helps everything mix. Going by how I feel when I have it it seems ok, but I'd like to come up with a solid method without using chemical heavy powders.


  • I occasionally make shakes. I just use the "Get Some Ice Cream" recipe (with the chocolate). I cut all of the quantities in half and add extra ice and water to get the consistincy I want for my shake. Blend it all up real well in the VitaMix and at the end I throw in a scoop of upgraded whey and give it another quick mix around. It is delicious and fairly quick, with no ice cream maker required.
  • Sounds weird but try 1/4c mashed sweet potato, if you have an immersion blender to"mash" the potato it get ultra smooth it dissolves well in a shaker cup.  I do it every day and love it.

    Sounds interesting Jason. What do you put in the sweet potatoes when you mash them up like this? And how do you cook them first for this process?
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    I'm always making huge batches of this, then I just leave the 1/4cup in the tub to measure out blocks.  Peel and rinse, slice 1/4" wide, boil in a pot till soft, drain, put in slice of butter, immersion blend moving in a circle but tilted for 5-10 minutes until velvety.  The actual shake I've been making is 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (cut 50% with unflavoured, unsweetened), 2 egg yolks, 1/2 cup sweet potato, 1 tbsp MCT, dash of Himalayan salt.

    I also wake up in the morning and prepare  a large batch of baked sweet potatoes for my protein shakes. 325 degrees for 2 hours or until they are soft enough. If they are under cooked they wont blend well. Also play with the amount of water in your shake the less you put in the thicker it will get. I personally just flavor with butter, salt, stevia and make it nice and thick. An alternative is to make a shake  flavored with avocado,  cocoa powder and stevia. If you make a thicker version of that its almost like chocolate pudding mmmmmm.

  • do you feel like its necessary or helpful in recovering from a workout, or is it more for the flavor/texture? 

  • Thanks for the suggestions!


    Jason - Have you tried adding chocolate or vanilla beans to the sweet potato instead of using flavored whey? Then you could sweeten as necessary with your sweetener of choice? I may actually try this method and see how it works.


    - Dave

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