Having Difficulty Posting

I love the forum and although I have some misgivings about some of the stuff, I do like the general material here.


I have been a biohacker all along but didn't call it that.


Whenever I post I get one of those screens that you have to type in the letters etc.


I prefer to edit and look at the result a number of times before I post, so it is readable, but I get these screens and I just completed a long thread with a lot of explanation only to see it disappear when one test screen was too difficult for me.


On other forums you could just go back and get the post but I lost it completely.


I understand the purpose, but is there a time limit on how long a poster has to deal with these?


  • It seems to be gone now and so whoever intervened thanks much.

  • Now it is doing it again.


    What am I doing wrong? Or is this in place till a certain period is passed?

  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress

    Try editing your post in Notepad or other separate application first. Or at least copying the text right before you click post.

  • I'll try that but I have a Mac. Maybe that's the issue?


    I also find that I have requested in the 'notifications' to send me a notification if threads I have responded to reply but I get no replies.

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