Bulletproof Hot Chocolate

<p>I find that for me, I get a nice mental kick from the fats in Bulletproof Coffee, even more so than the caffeine.</p>
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<p>But when I find myself late in the day, and not wanting to make it difficult to get to sleep, I need a different carrier than simple</p>
<p>Bulletproof Coffee (even Decaf).</p>
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<p>So... I've experimented with Bulletproof Hot Chocolate with some success.  It occurred to me that as I don't find an easily findable recipe for it searching the forums, it might be helpful to provide it, not only for late in the day drinking, but also for folks who for whatever reason don't drink coffee.</p>
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<p>Bulletproof Hot Chocolate:</p>
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<p>2 cups water (I heat mine to 195F)</p>
<p>4 tsp Bulletproof Chocolate Powder</p>
<p>1/4 of a block of Kerrygold unsalted butter</p>
<p>2 tbsp MCT or Brain Octane (or whatever your normal amount is... I use 5 tbsp... but its not nice to post recipes that lead directly to disaster pants)</p>
<p>1 tsp Bulletproof Vanilla Powder</p>
<p>1/2 tsp cinnamon</p>
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<p>Put into a high speed blender (like a Vitamix) and blend.</p>


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