Vancouver Coffee Enthusiasts: The Hunt For A Locally Available Bean

Hello to the scattered yet strong Vancouver Bulletproof coffee enthusiast community!

Me and a close friend are near the end of our Bulletproof coffee supply. Last night we were discussing ordering another bag but the trials and tribulations associated with co-ordinating a delivery address and travel down to pick it up have me looking to find a local source. 

As well the cost of shipping up here is obscene, justified maybe, but still obscene.


I've tried a lot of coffees around town, but still have TONS of exploring to do in terms of small shop's beans and Island imports as well. There is a huuuuuuge amount of coffee lovers in Vancouver, so I am certain we've got a few beans sources around town that are good to go as far as tasted and standards go for Bulletproof coffee.


I've found these guys: have some of the most stellar tasting beans I've ever had. The 'Wake Up Bomb' and 'Laughing Coyote' both producing some of the best cups I've ever had, guests agreeing.


Looking for suggestions & opinions!





It's time to get grassfed baby!


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