1St Results From Wellnessfx - Advice?

I just posted my cholesterol numbers in another recent thread about high cholesterol but figured I'd start my own thread along with the other results. This is the first time i've ever had a test like this. I've been eating pretty much entirely bulletproof for the past 4 months. I don't know how long it takes for diet to affect your levels, but some of my cholesterol numbers look...extreme. But my inflammation seems to be low and the overall cholesterol ratio is good...but still, those red spots looks a little scary. Everything else seems good...any advice would be much appreciated: Also, if anyone sees anything that looks out of the ordinary despite it falling in WellnessFX's ranges i'd love to hear comments on that as well. 


Total Cholesterol: 485

LDL - 342

HDL - 130

Triglycerides - 64

Non-HDL cholesterol - 355

Total Cholesterol ratio to HDL - 3.7

Lp(a) - 36

Apo B - 184

hs-CRP 0.3





Glucose - 97

Hemoglobin A1c -  5.2

TSH - 2.33




ALT/SGTP -  22

ALP  - 98


Bilirubin -  0.6

Total protein - 7.1

Globulin - 2.5 

A/G ratio - 1.8




Creatinine - 1.07

eGFR - 93

BUN - 11 

Albumin  - 4.6 

Sodium - 139

Potassium 4.7

Chloride - 103

CO2 - 27

Calcium 9.5




ALP - 98

Calcium - 9.5

25-Hydroxy Vitamin D - 96





RBC - 4.87

Hemoglobin - 14.8

Hematocrit - 44.2

MCV - 90.7

MCH - 30.4

MCHC - 33.5

RDW - 14.6


White blood cell count - 4.4

Neutrophil count - 2.992

% neutrophil - 68

Lymphocyte count - 1.056

Monocytes - 0.304

Eosinophil - 0.035

Basophil - 0.013

Platelet count - 217







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    HBA1c is a little high (sugar problem) and the thyroid is suboptimal (TSH should be 1.5 or lower) which is likely why your cholesterol is a little high.  It would be interesting to know what your hormone levels are as you are likely to be under producing sex hormones.  This would contribute to the elevated cholesterol. It isn't in and of itself a problem, but it does suggest that the endocrine system is not functioning as efficiently as it could be.

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    My knowledge in this is severely lacking. I do know that the majority of the cholesterol in your body is made inside your body. So for you to have so much of it, your body must be up to something! Hopefully everyone here can help find out what that might be!

  • RodRod The Rodfather

    Wow, that's some serious upregulation but I'm not that worried because of your HDL...


    Liver looks fine...


    Your body is all out of whack due to toxins I'm sure if you have only been on BP for 4 months. 


    It would be good to check Thyroid and Hormones! Salivary hormones! 

    Everything I learned about "biohacking" has been baby steps to "circadian biology", that's where the real biohacking comes in. You can buy a bunch of cool shit to "hack" but if you don't have context, you're not winning. Paleo is just a brand now and too many have opinions, it's on you to read and reread the material to not only find truth but to connect the dots. Much love to everyone who has helped me on my journey for restoring my health, please keep in touch. Feel free to message me with health questions [email protected] 

  • HBA1c is a little high (sugar problem) and the thyroid is suboptimal (TSH should be 1.5 or lower) which is likely why your cholesterol is a little high.  It would be interesting to know what your hormone levels are as you are likely to be under producing sex hormones.  This would contribute to the elevated cholesterol. It isn't in and of itself a problem, but it does suggest that the endocrine system is not functioning as efficiently as it could be.


    Interesting! According to the WellnessFX info, for HBA1c anything less than 5.7 is "low risk"...what would you say is a more optimal level to shoot for? And according to their info TSH should be between 0.45 and 4.21. I feel healthy...good energy levels and mood, sleep is good (actually according to my sleep cycle app sleep is getting more awesome all the time). BUT, It doesn't surprise me that there is something weird going on with my health, i grew up eating a lot of junk food, then spent most of my adult life eating what seemed like healthy food (a bunch of fruit, dairy, chicken, etc.). I do wish I would've tested BEFORE going bulletproof, but at the time I didn't really think I'd go as far as doing blood tests, so its hard to say how much of this is due to my lifestyle the past 4 months vs. the past 10 years, or past 30!



    Could just be my lack of knowledge in this area, but I thought hdl measurement capped at 100, 130 is pure insanity.


    yeah i don't know anything about any of this stuff really. i'm guessing that high number is the one thing possibly saving my ass from the other high numbers? i looked at their "lab notes" and it says "Verified by repeat analysis". Does that mean they looked at it and were like "wtf, yeah right, 130...i'm testin that shit again!"


    Wow, that's some serious upregulation but I'm not that worried because of your HDL...


    Liver looks fine...


    Your body is all out of whack due to toxins I'm sure if you have only been on BP for 4 months. 


    It would be good to check Thyroid and Hormones! Salivary hormones! 



    Yeah its very likely...like I said i grew up eating some crap. I was a fat american kid...fast food, ice cream, cookies, candy..i got in way better shape as i got older but still as recently as 5 months ago I was still having these monster fruit smoothies with kefir and handfuls of dried fruit with biochem greens and whey, eating "good" pizza, occasional trips to red mango, cookies from whole foods, ezekiel bread,....things that we are told are healthy. this whole 100% grain free, eating super clean, high-quality high fat diet is a pretty big change. maybe i should get on some kind of detox protocol? i just recently started taking chlorella...maybe i should get some of that calcium d glucarate? 


    Thanks a bunch to all you folks!

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    Chlorella can reduce LDL, CDG too.

  • RodRod The Rodfather

    Yea, you should be detoxing as much as you can in the first year or two but don't over do it. I would really check on the hormones, there's something going on. Do you have a family history with high cholesterol? 

    Everything I learned about "biohacking" has been baby steps to "circadian biology", that's where the real biohacking comes in. You can buy a bunch of cool shit to "hack" but if you don't have context, you're not winning. Paleo is just a brand now and too many have opinions, it's on you to read and reread the material to not only find truth but to connect the dots. Much love to everyone who has helped me on my journey for restoring my health, please keep in touch. Feel free to message me with health questions [email protected] 

  • yeah, that was part of my motivation for getting a test done. lots of heart issues on my dad's side of the family. also some cancer. 

  • Dr Wm Davis (Wheatbelly book) likes HBA1c levels to be around 5% and reckons many of the normal ranges are too high.


    Functional Dr's will treat anyone who's TSH is over 2 for hypothyroidism - You're getting up into the 90th percentile of the reference range when it's over 2 so it's far from normal. Normal in populations without autoimmune thyroiditis is around 1.1

  • My results are similar to yours (possible hypothyroid, high cholesterol, relatively high Hb A1C). I have been researching possible thyroid and adrenal issues. From what I understand, while a TSH >2 could indicate an underworked thyroid gland, TSH by itself is insufficient for this diagnosis. I'd suggest getting a complete thyroid panel or at least- Total T3, Free T3, Rev T3.  Free T3 to Rev T3 ration of 20 or above is optimal. 


    Suggest starting with these articles:





    My labs are here: http://forum.bulletproofexec.com/index.php?/topic/6174-adrenal-or-thyroid-or-neurotransmitter-issue-help-interpreting-labwork/

  • There is no cap at 100 on HDL measurements. 130 is higher than normal but many Paleo people often test higher than normal on their HDL too. At first glance your numbers look pretty good to me. High HDL, low triglycerides, low inflammation. Total cholesterol means nothing! If you are worried about your LDL number, then you can get your LDL particle size tested.

    If you haven't read it yet, I recommend you pick up a copy of "Cholesterol Clarity - What the HDL is wrong with my numbers" written by Jimmy Moore. It is a very informative yet very easy read on the subject, with input from many doctors, nutritionists and other experts, including people like William Davis, Chris Masterjohn, Cate Shanahan, Gary Taubes and many others.
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    thanks for all the input...slowly but surely reading and digesting a bunch of info. i've read a bunch about cholesterol mostly, and have been reading that article on thyroid issues from chris kresser's blog. i'm not too worried about my super high cholesterol, or even the high LDL, since i seem to have high HDL and low inflammation. The one thing that still sticks out to me though is the apoB, as one of the articles i read really seems to argue at length about how ApoB is the one marker that really predicts atherosclerosis regardless of any other marker. Does anyone know of any reason that the ApoB would not be something to worry about? I'm just wondering if i should be getting checked out for possible atherosclerosis...I don't have a lot of money to get random tests done, and am pretty sure that my current doctor isn't the type to be hip to current studies, paleo, bulletproof, etc. so I'm not very excited about the idea of getting checked out by him. 


    I'm kind of wondering if I had some cholesterol issues building up and switching to BP has been the one thing to fix what's going on. I'm tempted to just keep on with what i'm doing and see what the numbers look like in a few months.


    Also, what do you guys think of WellnessFX's advanced thyroid panel? i may go with their test just to be consistent, but if there is something cheaper/more useful out there I'd be up for trying that instead. 

  • I'm reading  Cholesterol Clarity and there is a chapter in here about reasons for high cholesterol numbers. They are:


    1. Hypothyroidism (Low T3 mainly)

    2. High carb/ high-sugar diet

    3. Low-carb, high-fat diet (see note below)

    4. Familial Hypercholesterolemia (genetic hereditary condition)

    5. Micronutrient deficiencies (Iodine, Selenium, Copper, Zinc)

    6. Bacterial infection (causes inflammation, affects teeth)

    7. Stress (by raising cortisol)

    8. Hormone Imbalance

    9. Weight loss (due to fat utilization, stabilizes after weight loss)


    Note: Most of these would not come as a shock to the BP crowd. But, the one that surprised me was #3. There seems to be a small sub-section of individuals who experience increase in LDL-C, total cholesterol, LDL-P, and apoB when on low carb, high fat diet. Apparently, there has not been enough research done on these people to determine if these elevated numbers indicate an increased risk in heart disease. The book says you are probably fine if your Inflammation, HDL, and Trigs are good. 


    You might be in this sub-population.

  • isn't number 3 usually caused by number 4?


    currently i'm thinking that i've either got the familial thing or that my body is just healing itself from a lifetime of massive sugar consumption. 

  • So I tested again after waiting 3 months, this time through mymedlabs. I haven't changed a whole lot of my routine, if anything i've been more strictly green on the BP scale, and over the past month or so have cut back my carbs even more than they were on non-refeed days (pretty much all green veggies....mostly just wanted to be sure i was doing the cyclical ketosis thing, since it sounds like it doesn't take much carbs to take you out of ketosis). I added in a few things to see if it would help my cholesterol, calcium d-glucarate, lysine, the occasional activated charcoal. 


    Here's some of my results:



    Cholesterol -  401         was 485      well...at least it went down a little bit?

    Triglycerides  - 98         was 64        laaame!

    HDL - 104                      was 130    not as awesome as the last test...

    VLDL - 20                      this wasn't done by wellnessfx, nothin to compare it to. is this a good number?

    LDL - 277                      was 342, at least this went down significantly.

    T chol. - HDL Ratio: 3.9   was 3.7 ...not as awesome but still not bad.

    ApoB - 163                      was 184...slightly better...slightly. 

    CRP - 0.36                      was 0.3 ...not as awesome but still not bad


    I don't know much at all about Thyroid stuff, so if anyone can give me any insight into these numbers that would be awesome. free T3 is a little low?:


    TSH - 1.85                  was 2.33

    Free Thyroxine- 0.96

    Thyroid Peroxidase  - 7

    Free Triiodothyronine - 1.9 



    Glucose - 97                 was 97          isn't that a bit high?

    Uric Acid - 5.3               according to 23andme i'm at an increased risk for gout, but this number looks pretty normal.

    Copper - 92                normal range, i've read that low copper is a common cause of high cholesterol when folks start paleo, which is why i got this tested. 

    Crystals -  present        crystals? what?

    Crystal type - Calcium oxalate        - too much oxalic acid? i've been cookin all my veggies...

    Ketones - present         no shit?   why is this a high risk according to them?


    So yeah, any input from the bulletproof community would be interesting. I think my next experiment will be to add some more carbs, especially some kind of glucose-heavy carb post workout and more starch for dinner. not sure what the ideal post-workout carbs would be...i'm intrigued by Jason Miller's suggestion of coconut water...also wondering why dextrose is almost in the yellow zone. also wondering if any of you settled on a preferred resistant starch. 

  • i wonder if the calcium oxalate is something to be worried about or if its just because i do supplement with vitamin C regularly and eat a massive amount of veggies. i know i took some vitamin C the morning before (24 hours before), and i might have actually taken one the night before, i'm not sure. it doesn't say anything about the levels or anything, just that it was present. any thoughts?

  • Other possible causes for the high calcium oxalate include magnesium insufficiency, elevated cadmium levels or even too much beer :wink:

  • hmm...i supplement with magnesium glycinate and haven't drank any kind of alcohol for 15 years. i don't know anything about cadmium though....

  • John BrissonJohn Brisson The Legend Formerly Known as Ron Swanson ✭✭✭

    hmm...i supplement with magnesium glycinate and haven't drank any kind of alcohol for 15 years. i don't know anything about cadmium though....

    The chances of it being cadmium are very limited unless you smoke, or are around tobacco smoke. I would say more than likely it is from eating too many vegetables with oxlates combined with genetic predisposition. Take magnesium with high oxlate foods to help out.

    My book Fix Your Gut, is offered on Amazon for $9.99.


    I also offer coaching:  http://fixyourgut.com/health-coaching-information/


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  • is there a particular type of magnesium that binds well with calcium oxalate or should i just take more of the glycinate?

  • Looks like your numbers are very similar to mine.


    According to perfect health diet, paul jaminet recommends TSH of 1 for optimal range.


    You probably have a high RT3 level, as I do, which can account for our high cholesterols...though not all of it.


    Are you doing the 1 day a week carb up that Dave recommends?


    I've been adding more carbs in recently too... so will keep you all updated with next set of labs.

    Check out my blogs 





  • yeah, pretty much stuffing myself as much as possible with sweet potatoes once a week. i've been tracking my food on myfitnesspal and most days my ratios are like 72-77% fat, 10-16% carbs, and 13-19% protein, with a total of about 2,300-2,700 calories.. refeed days are more like 55% fat, 33% carbs, 10% protein. 


    i did a protein fast on monday and found that interesting, i think i'm gonna try to implement that into my weekly routine. i'm gonna try to add in more carbs and maybe chill on the fat a little bit. most days i'm eating around 200 grams of fat....if i follow Jason Miller's formula i only really need like 70 grams of fat! although myfitnesspal also includes mct so i guess its probably closer to 140 or 150, but still, thats like double his recommendation (although that is a minimum, not a maximum i believe). i think reading all of this literature glorifying ketosis and fat has made it too easy for me to get a little reckless with the fat. maybe not the worst thing but probably not the best either. 

  • Congratulations on getting your WellnessFX test results back. Looks like your getting some advice already and have set a great marker down now for you to retest and compare with later. Unfortunately we are not really qualified to interpret the results and their causes or how you should maybe amend them. So no direct advice their.


    We do follow Jason`s building block advice and have recently started the one day protein fast (eating high carbs on the day with less fat). For us the protein fast was drastic with high carbs and won`t be doing it like that again. More fat next time.

    As for the blocks well we have gone from: 15:2:67     blocks                                                 11:2:47    blocks

                                                                 to: 15:14:11    blocks                                                 11:10:7   blocks     

    Our diet like you was way to full of fats as you can see but we lost fat around our bodies. After almost a year it has staggnated. We are currently doing a reset as per Chris Kessler but follow BP codes of foods on the green part of Dave`s InfoGraphics.  

    It`s been a week and we see results with fat loss already and energy levels. Strangely we had detox flu-like symtoms too.

    Maybe you are going in the right direction with limiting your fats alittle. We decided to reset and reintroduce foods one at a time to check them and how they make us feel. Maybe you can investigate that too.

    As we said earlier we really are`nt qualified but comment we can. Good luck on your quest.   

  • Thanks Jason, add 4fat blocks for every 1carb block taken away...sorry drumminangoleiro it`s 15;14;19 and 11;10;15.

  • According to Chris Masterjohn, total cholesterol numbers can fluctuate by 34 points in either direction day to day.

    I have notes, somewhere, indicating the fluctuations of the other cholesterol numbers. They are less dramatic than total cholesterol fluctuations, which totally makes sense.

    It's all relative.

  • more from Masterjohn that might be relevant. The elevated calcium oxalate could point to a deficiency of K2 - see the section on kidney stones  http://www.westonaprice.org/fat-soluble-activators/x-factor-is-vitamin-k2

  • cool, i do supplement with K2 and eat at least a few tablespoons of grass fed better daily. i also drink a decent amount of water. most of the sources i've read online say that trying to reduce oxalate-containing food doesn't usually have much effect either. but i do supplement with vitamin C and that could have caused oxalates to show up in my urine i guess. i also wonder if supplementing with magnesium the night before had an effect. i've read some stuff also saying that having calcium oxalate show up in urine doesn't really say much, a lot of healthy people have it and either have no stones or the stones are so small that they pass unnoticed. no symptoms yet, so at this point i'm not ready to fork over a bunch of money to see a urologist. 

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    um. holy shit. i just got the results from another wellnessfx panel this morning. NOT good. definitely thinking i'm gonna have to adjust some stuff in my diet. i've been pretty strictly bulletproof for the past year and a half and was hoping that my cholesterol numbers earlier were just an indication of how crappy my diet was pre-bulletproof. everything has pretty much gotten worse across the board except for my CRP and Lp(a). I've been pretty damn low carb, the only carbs i get are from green zone veggies, a bit of dark chocolate, maybe a serving of sweet potato, and i totally pig out on the sweet potatoes once a week (like 700-800 grams of sweet potato). i do BP IFing most days. 


    here are some of the "highlights": 

    Total to HDL ratio went from 3.7 (low risk) to 5.4 (high risk)

    Triglycerides to HDL ratio went from 0.5 (low risk) to 1.6 (moderate risk) 

    LDL went from 342 (high risk) to 329 (still high risk)

    HDL went from 130 (low risk) to 80 (still low risk, but not as good!)

    Total Cholesterol went from 485 (high risk) to 435 (still high risk)

    ApoB went from 184 (high risk) to 201 (even higher risk!)

    LDL Phenotype Pattern A: Risk: Optimal Pattern A; High Pattern B

    LDL Particles 2700 (high risk, ideally should be 1016-2185)

         Small LDL 322 (Risk: Optimal <162; Moderate 162-217; High >217)

         Medium LDL 628 (Risk: Optimal <201; Moderate 201-271; High >271)

    Omega - 3 index: 15.9 (anything greater than 6.4 is high risk)

    Omega-6:Omega-3 ratio: 0.9 (anything below 1.3 is high risk)


    2 things that don't suck:

    hs-CRP went from 0.3 to 0.2, anything less than 1 is low risk.

    Lp(a) went from 36 to 30 (anything below 75 is low risk).



    ... of course lab numbers aren't the end all be all of health, and i feel pretty damn good, my energy levels are good, i'm active, my mood is good, but surely these numbers aren't going in the right  direction. the top recommendations that wellnessfx gives for fixing most of these numbers are 1 - less saturated fat, 2 - more mono/poly unsaturated fat, 3 - exercise more, 4 - don't skip meals. 


    Sooo, i'd love to hear from some of you biohackers what your suggestions are. I'd REALLY like to avoid ever having to take statins, and even more so avoid ever having cardiovascular problems. Right now I'm thinking:


    1- time to back off on the butter and MCT oil. i have never gone totally nuts on the butter like some folks here, but haven't been shy about it either, and have increased my consumption as i've gained weight (without gaining much fat from what i  can tell). I usually also have another serving of MCT with lunch and sometimes dinner. maybe also time to have more protein from fish and whey and slightly less from beef. booooooo. i almost wonder if just getting rid of the MCT would be enough to really sway these numbers, that is probably the most unnatural food that i regularly consume, and pure saturated fat. 

    2 - more avocados, macadamias, olive oil, and chocolate. this will be tricky though cause i'm all hesitant on the olive oil since hearing that only super fancy expensive imported stuff is good supposedly. i have a love/hate relationship with avocados because they are delicious when good, but expensive here and even the slightly bad ones taste horrible and you have to avoid the discolored parts. chocolate's great but too much sugar. macademias are great, but expensive and easy to overeat. 

    3 - focus more on my training. i've kind of backed off out of fear of burning myself out and overtraining and creating too much inflammation (although apparently my inflammation is pretty damn low, so that's good). but yeah, i'm thinking that the hour or so a day of training i used to do maybe wasn't something i needed to do away with. 

    4 - i don't know if BP IFing qualifies as skipping meals, but if so maybe i need to back off on that. This is a tricky one cause i really enjoy the BPC ritual, and it saves me a lot of money to basically replace breakfast with BPC most days. It'd probably help a lot if there was a way to use a different kind of fat other than saturated fat for BPC. I'm thinking I may have to get back into having smoothies for breakfast, and go heavy on the avocado/macademia/chocolate. I'm also thinking for days when i do have BPC i may have to switch to paper filters..who knows, maybe that one thing is enough to really help with these numbers. 


    ....and whats the deal with my omega-3's? do i really have TOO MUCH omega 3? time to ditch the fish oil? 

  • DManDMan Master of Arts ✭✭✭

    Why "don't skip meals?"


    I remember from the podcast episode with terry walls that you can start overreplacing omega 3... You need GLA which is one specific omega 6 fatty acid... that's all I know about that. :D

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

    How much to eat:
    advanced | How to train: bulletproof training | HRV: HRV FOR TRAINING HRV BASICS What Affects HRV | Brain  & Memory dual n back training advanced training



  • i'm not sure about the mechanism behind meal-skipping. i did also just hear a podcast with Daniel Vitalis where he gave his thoughts on fasting. he said that when you fast you send a signal to your body that there's no food available and that you're better off eating more frequently if you want to avoid messing up your stress hormones. you'd think that the high-fat breakfast would override that but maybe not. i really don't have any issues with hunger, but maybe i'm satiating myself with the wrong type of calories. my 23andme results didn't say anything about me having a difficult time with saturated fat but maybe i need to run it through promethease again and look into that a little more...

  • Drummin,
    I've been thinking about your post and situation all weekend and am just now responding.

    My two cents -- I don't know if you should necessarily ditch the Omega 3's altogether (cut back, or supplement less but eat more salmon?), but perhaps adding a few ounces of walnuts or pecans per week would also help balance out your ratio. I don't think that's over the top nut consumption, though some people who like to put the "bad" and "good" labels on food might disagree. I think fresh, raw nuts in limited quantities (2-4 ounces per week), especially if you soak them.

    Supplements...try niacin definitely, maybe CoEnzymeQ10. With the niacin, you want the nicotinic acid form, not niacinamide. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niacin. You also take magnesium, right?

    As far as spices, cinnamon is supposed to lower cholesterol. When I googled it, I found mixed reviews on cinnamon for cholesterol. But it can't hurt, and cinnamon is delicious.

    Some more cardio, particularly HIIT or something intense, might be helpful too.

    I've been thinking more about human individuality and diet. Saturated fat hasn't raised my cholesterol all that much -- any increases in my total cholesterol have been more than offset by HDL increases. My issue seems to be easy weight gain from saturated fat. I seem to gain weight much easier on a few extra fat calories rather than carb calories. I thought the blog posted by BJJCaveman was interesting, where the doctor cited mentions that anecdotally, doctors who recommend low carb/high fat diets notice that 1/3 of patients lower their cholesterol, 1/3 have no change, and the other 1/3rd experience increased cholesterol. When I've tried to find information in my genetic data to support a high fat vs. moderate fat/omnivorous diet vs. higher carb and lower fat, I get mixed results, but sometimes I get labeled as someone who would do well on a Mediterranean diet.

    My husband does super-well on a semi-bulletproof, paleo-style diet. His cholesterol and especially his triglycerides, as well as his blood pressure went way down. He wasn't taking the statins that his doc prescribed anyway (haha, drug companies) but his doc finally conceded and told him he doesn't need them anymore. At 5'10" and 155 lbs, he has an incredible ability to chow down on grassfed beef (he's expensive).

    I think you are on the right track in experimenting with your diet. Despite your omega 3:6 ratio, fish and seafood to replace a portion of your beef might be a great way to go. I actually like fish more than beef and eat a lot of fish, which may be what's moderating my own cholesterol levels.

    Good luck. I know it's disheartening to do everything right and have the results come in less than favorable. Keep hacking your diet (as I am doing).




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