Is This An Ok For One Day Before Heading Back To A Paleo Low Carb Approach

I first was trying to do a carb refeed .. did well yesterday all fruits and now i feel very detoxed as well.


so today i was going to continue did good in the morning had prob 800 calories worth of fruit ( bananans, apples, raisins a little )


But i just can't do it fruit is so sugar sweet hate sweetness never was a big sugar person.. tho my gut is cleaning out really well. :) 


so got a refill in carbs fig going to have a high protein afternoon, real food craved for/


so is this ok for one day


todays calories at possibly 2500


had a big  carb morning, 184 carbs grams,  more protein prob high guess cause just needed real food since fruit doesn't help at all so

257grams and fat 94 grams


so more of learner day still more fat then just all fruit did of my 90% carbs/4%fat and 3% protein


so today is more like 34% carbs, 31% fat and 41% protein


would this be bad for one day .. i wish i could do atleast another day fruit today but i just couldn't too much sugar felt yuck i love SALT SAVORY AND NOT SUGAR never was big on sugar. 



I hope this is ok. I don't think should ruin my body up from taking a refeed day and then doing a mix day. just wasn't sure if even at those calories be still ok


I do plan to approach tomorrow back to grassfed pasture eggs and butter and avocados and got veggies to make omeletes :)


hope that today be ok for one day




  • EvelandEveland
    edited October 2013
    Not liking sweets is not a problem. You can get your carbs from starch (e.g. Sweet potatoes, rice).

    EDIT... Agree with Jason above. Posted this before I saw his post show up. Fructose should be minimized as much as possible. A little fruit is OK if you enjoy it, but since you don't, you are better off just avoiding it anyway.
  • thankyou, i guess i just carved bananas for awhile and having never had fruit for like awhile and just need all natural sugar lol real lol fruit, but your right i shouldn't pile in on fruit sugar.  Thankyou both.


    I wonder when i begin tomorrow if i should keep aiming at a high amount of calories or bring it down since be going back to a higher fat paleo plan. 

  • Since i'm starting over, tomorrow want to start clean slate.. all new, my stress level is down , have clear mind...READY to get back to a healthy lifestyle.


    I just wonder where or at a range to shoot for... like i plan to pile up on veggies and avocado and butter with eggs, and might get meat since have non in the house but just don't know if i should start at a lower point and go up or go with any amount at a high fat count


    ranging maybe in the lines of making butter avocado being the main part of the dish .. but just unsure how to go about it all or plan for tomorrow..


    to lose i'd probably need to up fat and lower protein..


    so am i better off eating just a load of grass fed butter/ cooking in butter and avocados while making protein near 20-25% or should be lower


    and is there any way to be too much butter if i plan like 3tblspoons butter in a dish with an avocado and rest meal is that ever too much fat ?


    ty \


    sorry for questions i just want to make the right choices

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