One Year Update

This is an update on my progress after one year of being BulletProof.




  • Nice work, what's the plan now?


    Any other bulletproof hacks that you've used? Sleep, brain etc


    MMA Fighter


    SUCCESS: A lot of little things done well

  • Looks like a completely different person in those pictures.  :shock:

  • The plan now is to stay the course and enjoy being skinny again. I have not been this weight over 15 years. The BP life is working for me and I feel great.


    I may reduce the number of weeks that I do intermittent fasting and try to eat an actual breakfast more often and enjoy more fruit as I have been avoiding all fruit aside from lemon juice for quite a while now.


    I do have high blood pressure now but I have a feeling that may be genetic more than anything but going to try and see if I can get that down as well.


    I am also slowly repairing my lower back which was injured by my added weight. Any suggestions on how to repair a slipped disc? I am doing some yoga each day and swimming to help strengthen the muscles around the disc. 


    I have not tried any other hacks yet as I really just wanted to get rid of the fat but who knows. I am very tempted to push things a bit more.

  • Very nice. Congrats.

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  • Dude you look awesome!  Great work!

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