Will Detox Supplements Flush Out An Ssri?

I've been telling some friends about the Bulletproof site, some detox protocols and diet, etc. One of them brought up a good question, and I'm wondering if anyone has the answer.


If taking an SSRI such as IC Escitalopram, will any of the following supplements flush the SSRI out of his system? He wants to stay on the SSRI for now, and doesn't want it to be effected by a detox protocol or supplements.


R-Lipoic Acid


Activated Charcoal

Calcium D Glucarate

Upgraded Glutathione Force

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If you know of a local resource that I haven't listed, or have a warning for known local health scams or bad "BP" businesses, please PM me.

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  • RodRod The Rodfather

    The charcoal will, the others won't. I'm pretty sure of this! I could be wrong...anyone? 

    Everything I learned about "biohacking" has been baby steps to "circadian biology", that's where the real biohacking comes in. You can buy a bunch of cool shit to "hack" but if you don't have context, you're not winning. Paleo is just a brand now and too many have opinions, it's on you to read and reread the material to not only find truth but to connect the dots. Much love to everyone who has helped me on my journey for restoring my health, please keep in touch. Feel free to message me with health questions [email protected] 

  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress ✭✭

    I was about to say the same. Stuff like glutathione is naturally occurring and the supp is just providing more of it.


    You'll have to either look into the biochemistry of the SSRI to see how it could interact, or just ask your friendly neighbourhood Jason Hooper :-D

  • NickatNickat
    edited November 2013

    Taking serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI's) can be potentially damaging if taken for a long time. If you cycle on and off them the dosage normally has to double to be effective again. Personally I hate them and would consider alternatives like tryptohphan, L-taurine and GABA. Most people on SSRI's suffer from depression and looking around here on the BP forum have noticed the lack of talk on the matter.

    Why use tryptohphan, L-taurine and GABA. Well once in a depressed state there is the depletion of gamma amino buytric acid (GABA) and serotonin. L-tryptophan is the main precursor to serotonin as Dave has mentioned.  If you take tryptophan, along with B6, B12, C, calcium, magnesium, and zinc it will metabolize first into 5HTP and then into serotonin.

    So glad your thinking of your friend and they might stop the SSRI in time.


    Anyway as Rod has said the charcoal will and like him, it is my belief the others will not...although the only one that might need a little more research on is the NAC.


    NAC seems okay read here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3044191/

  • I'm weaning myself off Zoloft ... I want it out of my system ... Could AC .. Help get it out?? I know this needs to be done safely though..
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